Sunday, July 27, 2008

Playing at the park is one of my kids most favorite thing to do. One morning, as the kids woke up, my sister Bailey and I told the kids we were going to go play. Paisley's face lit up with joy! (see picture 1) We got them dressed and ready , we like to visit both parks, so to make it easier we take turns on going to the one in town and the one at the school by our house. The only sad part of the day is when we have to leave. The flood works start to flow, and hearts are broken, but we all survive and end up still loving each other.

Friday, July 18, 2008


OK, so I totally am blaming my new obsession on Kate! She is the one who got me to read these books, and now look!! My life has been turned upside down. I read each book in a matter of 2 days, how sad. If I didn't have the responsibilities as lets say kids, my husband, work, oh-yeah and house work. It only would have taken a day each. So now I have to wait for book 4, and I am climbing the walls! Now there is a movie, is my life ever going to last until then,, probably.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Seth loves to put his hair in a "Fow-Hawk". One day while at school, He styled his hair, snuck one of his teachers sunglasses, grabbed a guitar, and started to rock out! His teacher cought the funny moment with her camera. I just got it emailed to me, and I haven't stopped laughing.

Babysitting Fun

I have to keep my sanity. So to make it possible my younger sister, Bailey, tends my children during the summer. They are in love with her. She plays and really lets them have a fun time. She is so great, she has been bringing her camera to capture moments I have missed, thoughtful for a 15 year old. As you can tell from the photos the kids just eat up the fun.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Paisley our 3rd water bug. On these hot days she isn't fully happy until she is out side in the water! Her new discovery is splashing the people standing by the pool, so watch out or you'll get wet!

Dominic is my tough guy! He is always coming up with wild adventures that he is going to save the world and rid the city of the villeins. I sure love his imagination. After a while I got really interested in his stories that we have started writing them in a book and they are now his bedtime stories.

We took a trip over to Bear Lake this past weekend, swam at the north beach. The water was shallow and warm. Perfect for the kids. You could walk out what seemed for ever and still hit your waist. The kids splashed and played for hours. Time came to pack up and head home. We had just gotten all the kids dressed and loaded and were just putting in the last of the "cargo" when my dad showed Seth how to feed the seagulls. Seth thought it was great that you could get a big group of them then run in the middle of them making them scatter. Well Seth got his eye on one seagulls and he was going to get him. Off he went, so did Seth all the way into the lake....waist deep might I add. So needless to say he rode home in his tighty whiteys wrapped in a blanket all the way home.