Monday, January 26, 2009

About My Book

I have had alot of people asking about this book I have written, on the blog and in person. Yes, amazingly I did write a story. I am in search of an agent to represent my book and myself. Having an agent will allow me to get my book into a better publishing company, that in turn, will get the book into larger stores (Barns and Nobles, Boarders, and chains as Wal-Mart). I started writing the story the last weekend of September 2008, and finished it the week before Christmas 2008. I had a few friends read it and help revise and edit it since. I just mailed out the first set of query letters yesterday. Now I have to play the waiting game, the shortest wait could be 4 weeks to hear back from anyone, and that most likely could be a rejection letter. I only say a rejection letter because 90% of the time your book isn't picked up for at least 4 to 6 months after sending out query letters to a long list of agents. In the beginning I started to write this story only for myself. I was told by a therapist I needed to get an outlet to where I could let my mind let go of some of the stress I can build up from caring for 2 children that have major disabilities. So I was listening to a song while I was mowing the lawn and the entire story line filled and finished inside my head. Later that night after I put the kids to bed at 9pm. I sat down at my computer and started to type. The thing that made me stop was my husbands alarm sounding off at 4am! I had typed around 80 pages that first night and created a world I could go to, where I was in complete control of everything. The characters developed into real people and had their own personalities making it very easy to write the conversations. I know that sound very crazy and insane, but you never will understand until you write something. I love my characters as much as family now, so I wanted to let others meet them too. That is why I decided to publish the book. It's a young adult (for ages 15-30ish) mystery. There is alot of suspense and second guessing while you read it, almost becoming a thriller. Wish me luck at agent hunting, and here is a brief description of the 488 page novel I wrote in a little more than 3 months.

As tragic events have forced 17 year old Rachel Bronson to relocate from her hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada to a small unassuming town in Idaho to live with her father. Unaware of the deadly sequence of events that are unfolding around her, Rachel tries to make the best of her new life in Preston and finds first love in the process. As she tries to understand frightening visions of the ghost of girls that have fallen victim to a serial killer, Rachel finds herself in the killers grasp, and having to make a choice that will affect the rest of her life. Copyright Laci Smith 2009

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

In Loving Memory Lex Russel Lewis

My Grandpa Lex was reunited to the arms of his eternal companion and love of his life, my Grandma Rae (Corbridge) Lewis on Monday (1-19-09). My brother-in-law John had a feeling to check on him at 1pm, and found him on the floor. He assessed the situation and yelled for my dad. Both distraught and feeling helpless called the authorities, there wasn't anything either could have done. The apparent cause of death was a heart attack of stroked caused by a blood clot from his diabetes. It was instant and no pain, we all have comfort in knowing this. He was a very opinionated man and had a one of a kind personality. He always believed in me and my gaols, encouraging me to fulfill them. We had become very close over the last two years, bonding and talking for hours at a time of his childhood or over how much he enjoyed watching my kids as they played during our trips down memory lane. The song from the Judds "Grandpa" was our song. He was a Cadillac man, and has 3 sitting in the garage now, all in working condition, 2 are collector convertibles. He loved music and dancing, and would sing to us while he played the piano. His oldest brother (19 years older than grandpa) was the father of Jerry Lee Lewis who sings "Great Balls Of Fire." Now you would understand the kinds of songs he played and sang to us, making all the grandkids get wound up and jump around. ( in his picture you can tell the Lewis family facial traits all the men look alike, you'll see the resemblance to his nephew Jerry Lee.) I am truly going to miss him and I wished I could have had just one more day with him. I love you Papa! I will miss you.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Jess and I got to go see Royal Bliss last night, a great show might I add! We had so much fun! The band asked us to join them after the show to hang out, but we drove my sister and a few more people and the wanted to get home so we had to say not this time. Even though the after show party wasn't happening for us, they did stay and talk to us for a bit, we got our shirts signed once again, and chatted for a while, of coarse we got pictures, are you kidding! Some of you might know, I have written a book, and it was highly inspired by Royal Bliss. One of their songs was a big influence, I let them know back in November and they have been keeping track of me. The song is called Devils & Angels, that started the whole project. The book is in process of being published and I am still in shock I even wrote the 5oo page monster. The band all want copies, I told them the plot and a lot about it. One of my dear friends Ellen, has helped me out with the editing part so much, she has been a very big support. Well I just love Royal Bliss so you all should check them out, they are really a neat group of guys, and their music is even better! THANK YOU ROYAL BLISS for everything!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Catching up since the Holiday

We had a great Christmas! Jess pulled one over on me, he snuck at the last minute on Christmas Eve and got each of the kids one more gift, and the most sinful of all, he got me some presents. Thankfully I had him some "emergency" ones. He set everything up this year letting me sleep, what a nice guy. So when everyone woke up Santa really had came!!! It was really something. He was beaming as everyone saw thier treasures, including me. He did really good with my presents too , he got me 3 pairs of Big Star pants, the first 3 books on hard back to Twilight saga, and a really good memory card for my camera. Paisley ended up getting her Playhouse that really has a working door bell, ice cream set, and her beloved glass tea set. Dominic got his laser tag, remote control car, and the famous Tribot. Seth really enjoyed his Harry Potter (really actually talking) sorting hat, Harry Potter Monstrous book of Monsters (it's just like the one on the movie) and his very own DVD player for his room. Each of them also got a few more things each but you really aren't interested in knowing them all. Jess got Rock Band!!! and I don't think he cares about anything else he got, except the way nice beard trimmer and shaver. He will stay up and play the rock band until 2am on the weekends. Sadly he has now passed it all the way off, every song!!! Hey but I never knew I could sing so well. My brother got to call us from his mission. He rang in at 8:30 am. So everybody in my family (mom sisters niece, and nephews all crowded into my house at 9 am) Because of the big snow storm my dad had to plow starting at 5 am and not stopping until 7pm. He did sneak in for a brief half hour to talk to my brother. But my mom and dad, oh and Bailey, all had to wait until 8pm to open their gifts.

My Birthday was the other day, I turned twenty- @#*. I really don't like my birthday because of it being so close to Christmas. I always had my grandparents tell me I didn't need any presents because I had just gotten a bunch for Christmas. When you are a little kid it's hard to understand why you don't get a birthday gift but your siblings get both, a Christmas gift and birthday gift. But hey, I am grown and gifts don't mean as much any more. I always ask for the same thing every year. A day of being waited on hand and foot. I STILL HAVEN'T GOTTEN IT! There is always next year. Well Jess did spoil me this year anyways. He got me yet an other outfit, and he took me and the kids out to dinner together. My sister and her boyfriend joined us and he even got me a gift. He paid attention to a song I was always saying I loved (it was his ring tone) so he had checked to make sure I did own it and went and got it for me. He showed up to dinner with it wrapped and even had a signed card. I was blown away. My baby sis had better keep hold of this one. So now the New Year has started and the old had left with my family enjoining the time we all had together. I hope everyone enjoyed this past year as much as we have, and I hope this one goes just as fast. Come on DECEMBER 19th 2009!