Friday, January 6, 2012

The Right Thing

I sat down this morning after taking my kids to school to watch the morning news. A couple and their kids were being interviewed about how they did the right thing. I'd tuned in a few seconds after the segment started and waited to hear what they had done. My jaw dropped as the news reporter went on about their story.

This couple had purchased a home in Salt Lake City, Utah. The day they closed, the husband went back to the home to soak in the realization of their purchase. He said the home was an older but very large home that had been empty for some time. He walked back to the study he planned to turn into a man cave and noticed a hidden door. Puzzled of how they and the Realtor had missed this. He pushed it open and found a secret hide away room. The room had no lights, so he left the door open to see and entered excited about the possibilities his kids could have playing in this room when he tripped over a box. When he opened it, he couldn't believe his eyes. It was full of money! Rolls of money, each containing $100. He looked around again and found seven more boxes chuck full of the same thing. The total ended up being over $50,000.

He called his wife and her instant reaction was they had to return the money to it's owners. They did! Gave every last dollar back! Yes, this was the right thing to do too, but my knee jerk reaction was, "What?! Do you know how nice that money would have been?" But, then I thought, what if it was me that had been saving the money and forgotten about it? I know I'd would've wanted it back. I wonder though, who would have forgotten they had the much money stashed away in a secret room? Maybe an elderly couple that over the years lost their memory little by little and ended up in a home then had someone else clean out their home. Who know, but whom ever it was got their life saving back.

They did do the right thing. They also set an example and proof that their are good, honest people still out there.