Wednesday, May 25, 2011

House Hold Memo's

Dear Laundry,

Our relationship has been getting, let's say, a little unacceptable. We use to coexist in harmony. You never seemed to overwhelm me. I miss the days when I could fold you and enjoy the fresh sent of fabric softener. Where have you gone?

As of late, you're out of control. I mean you're leaving piles everywhere. In the bathroom, in the corners of my bedroom, you've gotten so lazy in the kids' rooms I can't see the floor. And we are not even going to talk about the laundry room floor. NO! This is enough. 

This is your final notice, get it together, or you will be replaced by new clothing and never washed again.

Sincerely yours,

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Canal

I dipped my feet into the cool water of the kiddy pool. The ripples rolled across the surface as I lifted my toes up and down. My older sister and her boyfriend sat behind me on the front porch, smooching. Gag.

Not only was the heat from the July sun making me sick, but the sound of lips smacking together wasn’t something a twelve year old wanted to hear. My six year old little brother, Bubba, ran out of the front door with the neighbor kids. Silently tagging along behind him was my two year old sister, Bailey.

“Hey Lace,” asked Bubba. “Is it okay if we go over to the Talbot’s?”

“Sure, just don’t be too long. Mom and Dad should be home soon.”

Our parents were at a funeral, my dad’s friend, who had been killed in a car accident. They had told us that we could go out for a burger when they got back, and to us kids’ fast food was awesome!

Bubba and his friends took off across the canal to the Talbot’s place. I leaned forward and hugged my knees with one arm to keep my balance while I drug my fingers across the water. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of the sun’s heat on my face. It felt nice to be back from girls camp. A weekend of passing off knots, C.P.R., and crafts were enough to do me in for the rest of the summer.

A few moments later, the Talbot kids, Kolby and Chantel, were on the bridge of the canal with Bubba. Chantel came up to me. “Did Bailey come back over here?”

“No. Why isn’t she with you?” I stood up and looked around. “Did you check over at your place? She followed you over.”

Bubba yelled to me, “Hey, someone’s in the canal.”

“It looks like a Sixth Grader,” added Kolby.

I’d just been in Sixth Grade and thought I’d probably know who was swimming next to my house; hoping deep down it was'nt a cute boy. (My hair wasn't done). With Chantel by my side, I made my way with an ever so cool sway to my walk up to the bridge.

“Look,” said Bubba, pointing to a blue object floating in the water. “Right there, see them floating?”

A few yards down the bank, a little arm rose out of the water and sunk back under. My heart jumped into my throat. “It’s Bailey!” I yelled and readied myself to jump in.

A quiet voice spoke in my ear, “Don’t jump in yet. Run to get her.” My bare feet flew over the weeded ditch bank until I reached to spot I’d seen my baby sister. I heard a large slash behind me and looked back to see my older sister’s boyfriend had jumped in to get her, but he was clear back at the bridge. I turned my attention back to the water in front of me. A few feet a head, Bailey’s tiny face bobbed up to the surface and went back down. I jumped in the water and grabbed her, lifting her up in front of me.

Bailey’s body was cold, limp, and lifeless. I looked into her eyes and nothing was there. Her happy glow of life was gone. I shook her and screamed, “No! Bailey, no! You can’t do this! You can’t die. NO!”

A tiny drop of water rolled out of her mouth and something clicked in my head. I can save her. I know this.

I listened for her breathe, nothing. Placed my ear to her chest. A faint flutter, if that. I laid her on the bank and began chest compressions. Each time I pressed down, water flowed out of her mouth. This couldn’t be happening.

After a few seconds, Bailey coughed. I turned her to her side. At this point, my parents had arrived home and heard hysterical screaming. Some strange voice yelled, “Where’s Bailey? Where is she?” It was my dad. His voice unfamiliar in that tone. He never sounded paniced.

“I’ve got her. Over here. She’s breathing now.” I shouted back. I looked up as my dad hurdled the four foot fence and run toward me. He scooped Bailey up and took off toward the van. He and my mom zoomed off to the hospital.

Still in the waist high water, everything went silent. The only sounds were the sobs of my brother and his friends. Shock of what had taken place settled in. I covered my hands over my face and wept. Slowly, a hand was placed on my shoulder.

“You did good, Laci.” I looked up to see my sister’s boyfriend. He helped me out of the water and into the house. My sister wrapped me in a blanket and cried along with me.

We waited by the phone what seemed for hours. Finally, my dad called letting us know Bailey was alright and they would be home later.

This really happened and I still have nightmares. With summer on its way, everyone be aware of water safety. Nobody needs to go though this.

News clippings of the event.
 Below is Bubba, Me holding Bailey, Chantel, and Kolby.
 This is Bailey now. 16 years later, I'm still glad she made it.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Note From My Son.

My seven-year-old son made a list of things about me for Mother's Day and gave it to me late. He said he was embarrassed, but not anymore. After I read it, I gave him a big hug, folded it up and put it in my journal. He gave me permission to post this though. I think it's great, and kinda funny of what reminds him of me. The caps words are what he wrote. It's these types of little things that make me happy to be a mom.

1.   If my mom were a flower, she would be a ROSE, because THEY SMELL GOOD.


3.   If my mom were a super hero, she would be MEGA-MOM, because IT SOUNDS COOL.

4.   If my mom were a candy, she would be GUM, because IT'S SWEET.

5.   If my mom were a car, she would be a TAXI, because SHE DRIVES ME AROUND AND IT'S YELLOW.

6.   If my mom were a color, she would be WHITE, because, IT'S BRIGHT.

7.   If my mom were an animal, she would be a BUNNY,  because THEY ARE FLUFFY.

8.   If my mom were a TV show, she would be REGULAR SHOW, because IT'S FUNNY LIKE HER.

I'm glad none of them were too bad, like saying I was a monster of some kind. But, a bunny huh? At first I was worried he might say because I used to watch GIRLS NEXT DOOR. Phew. Hum, but fluffy?

I love this kid!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Hit and A Miss

Yesterday started out amazingly with a phone call from Aprilynne Pike. She was coming through the area and asked if I wanted meet up for some grub. (Not her words exactly). We met up for lunch at a yummy restaurant and ate out little hearts out. She brought her mother along for this part of her book tour to help with her new little (adorable I might add) baby girl.

We laughed and caught up on what's been happening lately. Crazy enough, since we'd both just had babies, our lives are similar at the moment. Only mine isn't as glamorous. Hopefully someday though. Aprilynne had to hit the road and I had to get back to being a busy busy mom.

Around four o'clock that night, my husband and I took off to get our Whooping Cough booster. *OUCH* (Not really, didn't even feel it). Then stopped off at ol' Walmart to do some birthday shopping. On our way out we noticed our SUV had been hit. I mean, who could miss the big white paint scratched along the side of the rear-end?  My husband was fuming mad and had the store call the police.

This is what's pretty amazing. The cop and Walmart employee viewed the security cameras and saw the whole thing. A white car attempted to pull into the stall next to us, but hit our vehicle instead. Then they backed out (at this time the lady got out of her car, looked at the damage, and got back into the drivers seat.) She then, pulled her car into a stall two cars to the right of ours and got out and entered the store. The cop and employee then followed her (via camera angles) through the store all the way to her checking out. If she were to pay with credit or debit card or check they could trace her and find out her name, address, ect. But, this is the kick in the pants. She paid in CASH! No trail. The only thing they have is her car make and model and her face.

The camera followed her to her car, and here comes another kick, passes us inspecting the damage she had done. She gets into her car and drives away. GONE! OFF SCOTT FREE while we are stuck with the $500 repair bill. But we have a copy of the DVD of you (stupid lady) hitting and running. I hope it eats at you knowing you are dishonest.

Now it's cool and all that Walmart is able to do this, but really? BIG BROTHER! How much other stuff do they catch on camera?  And why do people hit and run? I mean come on! What happened to people doing the right thing? Well, anyway at least I had fun with Aprilynne.

I'm out!


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oh Where, Oh Where Have ALL My Clothes Gone?

Some of you may know the issue we've been having with son #1. He's in training to become the next Hulk Hogan or a Chip and Dale dancer, one of the two, who knows but hopefully the first. He is getting really good at ripping the clothes off too. Faster than I can stop him. I'll be doing something and I'll hear that first *rip* and start charging toward him in hopes to saving the article of clothing. We found that Shopko has the KID TOUGH guarantee and are taking full advantage of it.

Well, lately I've been noticing my clothes have been disappearing. I recently had a baby and yes the laundry does seem to stay in piles for a few days but I catch up on the weekends. Anyway, I seriously couldn't find a lot of my clothes. Well, last night I found what has been happening to them.

My laundry pile for my husband and myself is in our bathroom, next to the toilet. Are you following me? If you've read this blog before you might know what is coming next. Just put two and two together. Yep! I found him ripping my clothes and FLUSHING them! GOOD HEAVENS, YES! Down the tube they've been going.

So, that's my life this week. I'll be getting a shopping trip soon.