Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Music Awards?

I watched this years MTV Music Award Show and was sadly disappointed. What the heck happened to Rock music? Really? I guess I need to rephrase that. What has happened to MTV? When I was growing up it was pretty much none stop music videos. I loved watching them, I could sit for hours waiting to see the latest songs. Now it's all reality t.v. and mini series. I mean, those are fine and all, but I want MORE MUSIC!!!

At the award show they had only one category for rock video and truly only one nominees (Foo Fighters) that were technically rock worthy of the award. Luckily, they won. I'm not saying only rock should be on MTV, I'm saying they need to actually play rock. There are a lot of other styles of music that are great too and were honored for it as well.

I was talking to my sister about the show and we both thought maybe "they" are calling what we think is rock, is now considered metal? Growing up, rock were bands like Nirvana, Metallica, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, and Ozzy. Even into my twenties, bands like Breaking Benjamin, Theory of a Deadman, Nickelback, Three Days Grace, and Godsmack were big and making new videos. But, now to watch the new videos you have to go on YouTube and be lucky you can stumble onto the new hits. Even radio stations that play the new rock releases are being bought out by hip hop and pop radio.

I hope I'm not the only one who is suffering and MTV will at least play some more "rock" bands. We need another Kurt Cobain type to come revive the industry once again. What are your thoughts? Any?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Week As A Single Mother: Day 5

Crazy, crazy morning. Seth did NOT want to go to school today. The newness had wore completely off with that child already. Thank goodness for the janitors at the elementary school, they help me out way more than I could every explain. Jay (one of the janitors) waits for me to pull up in front of the school and runs out to meet me. He helps Seth into the school with me. See, when I say help I mean he lifts the upper body while I carry the kicking legs on the days when Seth won't get out of the car with out persuasion. There are some days when he gets out and walks next to Jay like they are old buddies. (I like those days).

Thankfully, Seth calmed down after a bit and was great the rest of the day. I'm glad because I'm getting pretty depressed being the only parent here. My mother-in-law has come to help out before and right after school and that has been great. She helps the kids unload after school while I make dinner. Plus gives me some adult talk. I never knew how amazing of a lady she is. She is awesome. I'm glad I have good in-laws. I'm very lucky.

Tomorrow there is no school because of the four day weeks we do and I'm hoping to sleep in. Yeah, right, but I can dream at least. Well, until tomorrow readers.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Week As A Single Mother: Day 4

Holy Moly! Today went perfect. The kids all got up, ate, brushed their teeth, and were dressed a half hour before the need to be at school. Seth even walked to his class with out any trouble. I was shocked.

Paisley was so cute and took a n apple for her teacher. I had the harder time when it came to leave, she looked at me out of the corner of her eye and waved. Broke my heart. Not even a tiny tear. But I guess that's alright. It's good she can handle being on her own for school...

Dom loved his first day too. He was really happy that mom walked him into his class. Yeah, my little boy has grown up and hit the stage where mom just isn't very cool anymore. We'll see if that changes when he wants a car in a few years.

I have to explain about the school clothes Seth wore. As some of you know he is very picky about the way clothes feel against his skin. If it's not right, he rips them off like Hulk Hogan. So, yes, he wore a t-shirt and basketball shorts. But, he made it all day with no outburst. So I guess its a battle I'm not fighting.

 We are really missing the daddy today. Every year he would ask them about their days when he got home, but this year he couldn't. The kids even noticed. Well, it's only a few more days and he'll be back.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Week As A Single Mother: Day 3

We had a tragic loss at our house today. Our beloved fish took a ride on the porcelain express. What made it so tragic is that they died right before my daughter's eyes. Pais won a fish at the fair the other day and the people gave her 3 instead. (They wanted to get rid of them) She loved the idea of being in charge of a pet of her very own. She fed them and helped clean the tank. But, I need to back up a little bit.

Yesterday, Dom came down stairs and asked what would happen if the fish lived in a bowl of Pepsi instead of water. I told him they'd die. Then he asked what about Kool-aid. Same thing, death. He replied with a simple,"Oh". That was that. A few minutes later I come into the kitchen to find the fish bowl a really murky brown.

 "How the heck could the fish get the water so dirty already?"

Paisley piped up and tattled on her brother, "Dom poured his soda in the tank."

CRAP! I quickly cleaned the poor fishes habitat and prayed for the best. Lesson learned here: when Dom is asking "what if" questions, worry. Fast forward to today. Pais was watching the three fish swim around when she cried, "Somethings wrong with Darwin and Dori."

Yup, they were literally puttering out as she watched. They both stopped and one floated to the top, the other to the bottom. She cried and we flushed them. A few hours later THE SAME THING. She saw the last little guy, Nemo, give his final fin flip and croak.

Everything settled down after a while and the door bell rang, but when I answered the door where a person would be standing were four over stuffed garbage bags of clothes. Two for the boys and two for Paisley. The Clothing Fairy struck again this year. These aren't just any clothes either, they are all name brand hardly ever worn (half still have the tags on them).

Today was eventful to day the least, but tomorrow is going to be an adventure. First day of school. Bring it on!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Week As A Single Mother: Day 2

Today was back to school night for my kids. We walked over to the school and the kids unloaded their supplies into their desks, so excited to see what friends were in their classes. My eight year old got pretty impatient when the kindergartners turn came and kept tapping my arm saying, "Mom. Mom. Mom." So I did what any mother would and blocked him out while I helped my little girl.

The teacher was kind to Paisley and walked her through what will be the morning routine. Pais fell in love with the teacher and I signed my life away with volunteer times for parties and snacks through out the year. Finally, it was time to go. I looked up to gather the troop and one was missing. Dom. Of course. I knew he'd probably walked home since we live a few houses away, but there is still a fear of "what if?".

I called my mother-in-law who'd stayed behind to keep Seth company. Yep, the little rascal was home on the computer. I could breathe easy now.

When we got home I made dinner and laid the guilt (we call it super-guilt in this situation) on thick. I know I'm going to damage the boy, I need to stop, but hey, it's what gets the message through. Oh, and I made my first ever zucchini bread. AND BIG SURPRISE it turned out yummy. Raise the roof. (oops, I just showed my age). Anyway, I'm beat so I'm off to bed before the baby wakes up. See you all later.  

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Week As A Single Mother: Day 1

My husband had a great opportunity given to him through work this week. They shipped him off to take a course and become a CWI (certified welding inspector). Anyway, he is gone for the next week staying a few hours away busing himself all day with classes and studying. I told him it will be like a vacation because he's being put up in a posh hotel and gets a big break from the four tornadoes we call children.

This will also be the longest we have been apart in our eleven years of marriage. We've spent a few nights away from each other every hunting season, but there were still a few tears as we said goodbye this morning.  When I watched his car drive out of our subdivision, anxiety crept it's evil way up my throat and I started freaking out. (But kept a smile on my face so the husband wouldn't know any better). THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I'LL BE ALONE WITH ALL FOUR KIDS! No help. No, "Honey, I'm changing the baby can you break up the fight before one of the boys start bleeding?" Zilch. Oh, and did I mention school starts this week? No? Well, yeah it does. So it should be interesting to see how Seth acts when he realizes freedom of television and unlimited fridge raids end. Anyway...

By noon nothing had happened. Dinner time, still all quiet. Then it was bedtime. Everyone was tucked in and all quiet when the chime to the alarm chirped, "SHOP DOOR". Lights flipped on and the kids ran down the stairs screaming, "Daddy's back! Daddy's back!" But no. It was the wind. My kids had gone out earlier and didn't shut the door tight as they came back in. I explained the situation but my little girl cried and cried. She wanted her daddy. Thank goodness for cell phones. We called him up and one by one, told him good night.

Phew, that was it; only one melt down. But then again it was only day one. Let us pray the rest of the week is this uneventful.