Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Paisley is such a girly girl! She watches every thing us girls do, put on make-up, brush our hair, talk on the phone, and even wear sunglasses while we drive. I was going about the duties of the house, when she caught my eye. She had a little hand-bag (that is mini of mine) over her shoulder talking on her toy cell phone, (like it was an important call) and putting on some glasses she had found. I just had to laugh. It was cute she was acting like she was going into stores and dropping her dollies off at school. Jessie is the one who got this photo, bless him. What a good dad. I realized then I need to be very careful about how I act and what I say now, I have an echo following me.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More pictures From Seth's Birthday

These are my FAVORITE pictures we got of Seth. He is so happy in these photo's, I promise non of us have ever seen him get this happy. We so love him!

Seth's Birthday

Seth had his 8th birthday on the 15th of September. He had a blast! We went bowling and he thumped all of us with a score of 198! We went home to have cake and ice cream, he opened his presents and whacked a pinata to pieces. He got all the Harry Potter DVDs. It was very fun to watch him open them. Each person had brought him a different movie, so every time he opened them he would get even more excited! By the time he was done with the gifts he was shacking with happiness. He is so proud to have all of the "Potter's" now. His aid from school got him a Nick Jr. DVD and a huge bag of individual cheeto's, he loved them!. I am so happy to see Seth get that happy, he truly deserves those blissful moments.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cell Phone Camera Bandit

I was going through my pictures on my phone this morning and noticed some new photos. I viewed them and I couldn't remember taking them. They were way cute. I kept scrolling down to the next photos. You could tell they were taken by an unsteady hand, and that is how I found the guilty culprit. Seth has been taking pictures! I knew he gets on it to watch a video I recorded one day, but I didn't think he would know how to operate the camera, plus store them. Boy mom's never underestimate the intelligence of your children. I thought you all would get a kick out them, I did.