Monday, November 24, 2008

Our New Fence!

We have been blessed with the help of D. D. A. This is a government group that takes and helps special people learn to adapt and cope with public situation. Seth gets to go and participate every Thursday after school, he loves it! With the help of Rhonda Phillips, one of the people in charge of this area, found a funding option for Seth. The funding offered to accommodate the home of the special needs person. They found out Seth couldn't go outside by himself, he would always have to "Shadowed" with in arms length of an adult. Well being a busy mother I couldn't always provide this simple enjoyment everyday for Seth. He longed to join friends and be able to just be outside and play. The government gave us a funding option to purchase fencing material to enclose our entire back yard for the safety of Seth so he could play out side. We had to complete the project with in 2 weeks of receiving the funds and report back. We were so grateful to this group and agency for giving Seth one more opportunity of letting him feel "normal" amongst his peers. I hope everyone can really appreciate the simple things your kids are able to do , a small thing as being able to go outside and play in the fresh air and warm sun. Seth really has never been able to do this on his own, it is one more step for his gaining Independence.

Monday, November 17, 2008


We have a new smile. Paisley will pull this smile for any camera, and you bet she is saying CHEEEZZZZEEE. After you take the picture she has to see it. She will say, "Let's see it" and pull down the camera to view the back screen.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Day To Remember

This past weekend, Seth competed in a regional bowling tournament for special Olympics. He had to bowl three games in a row. He did great for the first two, with keeping his attention. On the third game, the lane kept messing up and half way through the thing would freeze up making it having to completely start over with the game. It happened twice, so really they bowled 5 games. It kind of got me irritated because Seth had really good scores and on the second and third time he didn't get as good, but oh well. All the athletes didn't care how many pins they knocked down, they are all so happy that they even got to play, they all what everyone to do good and most of all have fun. But when some one got a strike, everyone around you give the person a high five! When they gave the awards out none of the athletes care what color their award was or about what height of box they stood on at the podium. They just were so happy to have their names announced so proudly over the sound system. I want to live in their world all the time where everyone is equal and all you want if for the person next to you to do good and be happy. What a world this would be if we could all take that road in life. There was over 100 hundred athletes in all competing so the area missionaries volunteered to help out with a lane and keep a watch out for run away players. They were all so happy and made the day even better. Seth ended up taking 3rd place and it was dang cute when they announced his name. He got a big huge smile on his face and was so proud of himself. It was an amazing day for him. The other athletes that competed were Tony Lefeaver ( took 3rd) Clint Rasmussen (took 2nd) Allison wall (took 2nd) Tyler Eddie (took 1st) and Cage Allen (taking 2nd).

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Happy Halloween! Yeah this is a late post, but hey I am doing it.. I was in charge of my sons kindergarten class party, I had to plan the games, food, and tell the other mothers what they were suppose to do. I had all the games together and Jessie took me to Logan to get the items needed to play them. I was going to have the kids toss bean bags into a witches pot, through a ball and knock over pop bottles, musical chairs, make a silly pumpkin, and a fish bowl toss. That game was always my favorite at the 4-H carnival. I was simply going to have the kids toss the ping pong balls into a cups of water, some only would hold water and a few with goldfish. If the ball landed into the fishes cup, I was going to give them a little bag of pepperidge farm goldfish. My husband thought "Hey real gold fish would be funner to get!" He pushed the issue of real goldfish being cheaper too. So the mothers all ended up "loving" me I bet, I sent a real goldfish home with every kid in the class. I am still waiting to hear from angry moms. When we were leaving Walmart we ran into the characters of The Dark Night, mind you it's the night before Halloween. They looked so so so good, Batman even talked in the same voice as the movie, Joker laughed just like Heath Ledger, and Catwoman was just as sultry. Jessie asked them if we could take their pictures and they did, that started making everyone come over and take pictures too. Jess told the Joker he should send in a tape of himself to replace the open spot of the villain. Our kids ended up loving the pictures and had a blast getting candy trunk or treating in our subdivision. Paisley's bucket got so full she was dragging it, was way cute!