Friday, August 27, 2010

New Parent Freakouts

Today I got really baord and watched the TLC network and laughed. On the show “Bringing Home Baby” a couple of new parents entered the journey of having their first child. The new parents seemed eager to be a good mommy and daddy and said they were “looking forward to sitting around the house and just looking at the baby." Well, the baby had other plans. She cried every waking minute. She pooped all the time and this is where it got interesting. The mother changed a diaper and freaked out. “It is runny and black! Oh my gosh, she is sick!” I need to tell you right here, the mother is a physician. A PHYSICIAN! You’d think she might know that a newborns poo is tar like. A few more hours go by and she is still freaking out. Her husband is trying his best to consul her that their new baby isn’t sick. The dad gets an idea and calls a Dula to come help them. Turns out the baby was fine. The reason for all the crying, Mom wasn’t feeding the baby long enough and the messy diaper was normal.

I laughed because the mom was a physician. That probably won’t help her get a lot of business. I understand that everything is new when you have a baby, but I agree that when you have your first baby you should have some kind of parenting class behind you. I did on my first and it saved me so much stress.
But I admit I was still in the dark on a lot of things. I still am. What are some of your first time baby freak outs?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Leave Your Stamp.

Holy Moly! I've been getting A LOT of blog visits from out of my area. It's fun to see all the little red dots grow into bigger blobs as more visit, but it got me thinking. You all know where I'm at, but where are you visiting from? On the comment link above leave just what state or country you are viewing the blog from. If you want to add how you found this blog that would be fun too. Thanks all for playing along.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Hello all you writers out there. The last two days have been full of knowledge and the best part is there is still one more day! What is it you ask? Well, you inquisitive reader you. There is a huge writers conference going on NOW and it's FREE! WriteOnCon has been full of "workshops" and live chats from big and important people in the publishing biz. There is still one more day to attend so click over now. Oh, and don't feel bad about missing anything. The lovely promoters have done a great job at archiving everything so it's a simple click away and your brain can be filled with knowledge you won't want to miss.

Here is the link. WriteOnCon