Thursday, August 28, 2008

I got a chance of a life time today! I got to hang out with the rock band Royal Bliss. They are really awesome guys. They have good songs and put on a great show. Jessie, my sister LeAnn, John (her hubby) and my brothers girl friend Meagen all got to go! We got photos, got to chat and hang out for a while.They loved my hair and my sisters that is what got us noticed in the first place! The gave us t-shirts and a good time. The guy that plays rhythm guitar (Chris Harding) got an amazing Fo-Hawk, thank you very much. The picture with me and the guy is Neal Middelton, the lead singer. He is a real nice guy. My husband even liked everyone of the band members. I am still on cloud nine for this opportunity. It was a rock'n good time!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Sweet baby girl ended up getting surgery on Thursday. I noticed a lump in her ear, I thought it might be a plugged duct or some thing and kept an eye on it. Well in a span of 4 months it doubled in size and hurt Paisley if it was touched. Her balance was getting so she fell down a lot and her speech was not getting any better. I took her in to get it looked at. It ended up being a tumor growing in her ear. It was putting pressure on the ear drum and that was what was causing her balance and speech problems. When they removed it, the doc told me it was the size of a grape and he found an other one in the other ear the size of a pea. Man I am glad I noticed this before it cause major irreversible damage. While she was coming to. I was holding her in my arms and it reminded me of holding her when she was born and it kind of made want to cry thinking about my children in hospitals. She is doing great now and is playing so full of life again keeping her balance now so she can RUN.

Mutton Bustin

On Friday night of the Rodeo, Dominic got the chance to Mutton Bust. He did so good, he held on for so long. He fell off pretty hard though. When that happened it knocked out his breath and when it came back the whole arena could hear his wails. While getting dusted off back behind the announcer stand with tears in his eyes he walked up to the bull and bronk riders and said "I'm a real cowboy too now." He ended up taking 2nd place and winning a big belt buckel. It is displayed proudly so right as you enter our house you see it and can ask him about it. You go my little cowboy!