Thursday, August 29, 2013


Summer vacation was almost at an end and I had been growing braver at letting Seth have more independence with going around the neighborhood. Usually, I would be in the front yard pulling weeds or what not but be able to keep a close eye on him. But, this time I stayed inside the house and let him go out... Little did he know, I was watching him from the upstairs windows while he ventured between neighboring yards. An hour or so past and I called him back in.

Seth didn't answer, nor could I hear his humming. Great, I take my eyes off of him for less than five minutes and he is gone. I open my garage door and thought, hmmm, maybe he is just around the corner and I don't have to drive the car to get him.

Barefooted, I ease my way to the corner to look for him. Nope. Not there. On my way back, I saw the little stinker sneak into the open garage and get on his bike. I met him in the drive way and he looked at me with the biggest puppy dog eyes, "Please?"

Awh! I am such a softy! I let him ride it around. He had gotten better and usually stayed on our street and in the culdisac. USUALLY. I got distracted by another one of my kids that needed a diaper change. It hadn't been more than a few minutes, I mean how long does it take to change a messy bum? When my phone rings and it was a teacher at the middle school telling me Seth is ridding his bike down the street.

What?!?! Apparently the time it takes to get to the school from my house on a bike is the same amount as wiping a baby's bum! I loaded the kids in the truck and headed out to pick up Seth and his bike.  I guess Seth remembered that ridding down the highway brought the cops because he stayed on the side streets. Thank heavens! Well, Seth wanted to ride the bike home so I followed along side ( more of a racing style with me revving the engine. Yeah, I am a dork like that) all the way back to our street.

Seth was having a blast. I noticed sweat dripping down the side of his face so I back off to let him slow down and not over heat himself. Wrong thing to do! He got mad, flipped his bike around, and took off at full speed. Let me tell you those three wheeled bikes can haul!

I turned around and sped up about three or four houses in front of him. I positioned the truck so it would cut him off and he would have to stop. I got out of the truck and waited for him. Seth was coming at me full speed. He was now only 2 houses away. I yelled out, "Seth, stop or you will hit the truck."

Seth's eyes are huge at this point and I guess seeing the truck parked sideways across the road made him freeze because this kid wasn't braking. All of a sudden, CRASH. The bike stopped.

Seth was okay, the bike was okay. The truck..... Not okay.

I loaded the bike in the bed of the truck and walked back to Seth who starined at the driver door and front side panel. He looked at me then points to the truck. "Dad! Mad!"

There was a huge scratch down the side. I let him know, he wouldn't get into trouble, I would. He smiledand said, "okay."  Hey, thanks for having my back kiddo.

So, I need some touch up paint, because these scratches weren't here when Jess left for work.