Monday, April 10, 2017

He Is Going To Prom

Seth has Fragile X Syndrome and Autism. This sweet girl showed up to our home the other night and asked him to the prom! She is the sweetest girl. Look at his face just light up when he reads her question. He loves being accepted.

Launch Of Our Clothing Line. Fragile Chaos Apparel

We have some very exciting news! Our family is passionate about spreading awareness of Autism and Fragile X Syndrome, that's a huge point of us having our YouTube channel  (Fragile Chaos) .

As many of you know our oldest son is obsessed with all things Harry Potter and we plan on taking him to Universal Studios Hollywood in the fall, maybe spring, depending on my husbands work schedule. But, as I've talked to friends who have visited and read during my research, some if the items I know Seth will want to buy are expensive. I want him to have the most amazing experience of his life and not worry about him being sad because he couldn't get a full feel because of money.  That brings me to my next point if the post.

We came up with a way to help set some extra cash away while spreading awareness at the same time. We came up with a clothing line that will showcase graphic designs of Autism and Fragile X Syndrome, and still look pretty sweet at the same time. We've chosen to offer them in a very high quality material, cut, fit, and product so you are getting your money with as well. We are also offering a less expensive option to those who just want to donate to the cause but still get something in return.

As of right now, we are starting small to test the waters of retail and the response before diving in too deep all at once. So ordering the items is pretty old school. You comment or email me the items, and sizes you want then I confirm with an invoice requesting payment. If you need shipping I set that up with you for a shipping charge privately.  All the proceeds after covering the clothing costs go towards Seth's trip.

 Item #1 is a $45 Varsity full zipper hooded jacket. The material wicks moister with a silky softness similar to.a dryfit. It is 100% polyester outside and fleece lined inside.   Sizes are a fitted cut in ADULT Xs-4XL.

Color options are black jacket with smoke grey sleeves .

Color option 2 is black jacket with Deep Red sleeves 

Sizes XS-4XL. The ladies run small, just an FYI. 

ITEM #2 IS A  $35 BLACK FULL-ZIP HOODIE. It's 50%cotton/50% polyester. Sizes are from youth xs-xl and Adult xs-4XL 

ITEM #3 IS A $25 BLACK PERFORMANCE CREW Tee. A soft cotton feel combines with sweat-wicking, stretchable performance to make training or even everyday wear a cooler and drier experience. 95%polyester/5%spandex jersey. This keeps its shape even after washing. Sizes are YOUTH xs-xl and Adult xs-4XL. 

Ladies sizes are xs-4XL. True to fit as well.

ITEM #4 IS A $20 100% COTTON TEE. Sizes are YOUTH xs-xl and Adult xs-3XL 

Thank you! Again, if you'd like anything comment below or email