Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lottery Winner!

A few days ago three ladies won a million dollars on a Power Ball ticket. My husband and I (who were extremely jealous) got talking about what we would do with the money if we had won. Thankfully we both had the similar ideas, but then it came down to the question; would we share it with family or friends? This is where we found out we are true soul mates. We had almost exactly the same answer. Although this was only a dream for us, it did get me thinking. What if? Would I really share or not share? Well, I'm asking you. What would you do?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sex and Sexy Scenes In YA Books

Hey all you writers out there, I found a great post from a blog I follow The YA-5 called "Sex and Sexy Scenes In YA :Let's Look At It A Different Way" I think you might want to read. It's about sex in young adult books. It's always a big topic at conferences I go to.

This article has some good points and explanations. I agree that when you write a scene it needs to fit. Also, it needs to have meaning to the plot. It's always hard to decide if you are going to add sexual content to your story. For me, it's a hard choice because I write young adult, but young adult (to me) isn't children. Young adult is, in my eyes, 15 and older. Now 15 is still young, but we do need to face and understand that 50% of teenagers (sometimes more) are sexually active in some way.  Now I'm not saying "yeah, go ahead and let your teens read steamy romance novels."  What I am saying is if sex is put into literature that teens will read it needs to be done properly and tastefully. Now that's enough of my soap box. Enjoy reading the post.