Sunday, May 31, 2015


For our anniversary we were able to take a vacation WITHOUT ANY KIDS. Don't get me wrong, I love my children with all my heart, but we've never been away from them for longer than a quick over night. Twice. It was long over due since really we haven't had alone time since our first child was born, 14 years ago.

Jess surprised me by booking us a get away to MAUI! I couldn't have been more excited. A little nervous because I'd never been on a plane, like ever. I had been to an airport once to pick up someone but never flown. So, we were going to make our first ever flight a nice casual seven hour flight over the ocean. No biggie. Plus, I had to find someone to take care of our kids while being gone for eight days. To make things easier we split them up, two with my mom and the other two with my inlaws.

The flight wasn't that bad at all, the flight attendants made us feel so comfortable. The only thing that surprised me was how loud the engine was inside the cabin, but I must say the peanuts were amazing.

When we landed we thought we were in paradise. It was beautiful and warm. The air smells like flowers and feels so good against your skin. I'd found my place in the world. The only other times I've ever ever ever felt that instant love were when I saw my husband for the first time and every time I first saw my children after being born. The rental car company upgraded us because it was our anniversary to a sports car, a mustang GT to be exact. My freaking dream car. It was totally meant to be too because the license plate had my dads name.

On the actual day of our anniversary we went to a luau and it was a lot of food and great entertainment. When we made the reservations at our hotel they sent a message over and surprised us with VIP seating and special treatments. I have to tell you we were treated like royalty. We got lucky and were constantly being upgraded, free gifts, and extras for free all the time and from what everyone was telling us, that hardly every happens on Maui.

The beach was to die for. The sand is so soft and the water is warm and clear blue. We swam a lot, boogy boarded and road the waves in. I had a school of fish swim around me and it freaked me out that they were touching my legs and feet. Jess couldn't stop laughing. We spent most our time just relaxing on the beach, enjoying small talk and laughing with each other like we haven't in years.

Sunset was our favorite time of day. Its absolutely breath taking. We would sit together a watch the sky turn the most beautiful shades or go for walks up and down the beach, holding hands and just having great conversation. Very romantic. Even when I almost stepped on a crab and it ran across my foot making me scream and jump into Jess' arms.

 Every night right before the sun sets the hotel restaurant does a torch lighting ceremony. To start it off they blow conch shells. The sound is an awesome deep tone that gives you goose bumps. The torches are then lit all around the resorts grounds and stay burning through out the night

Smiles didn't leave our faces the whole trip until it was time to go, then I cried. I wanted to stay and just have my kids sent over to us. The island had excepted me, the birds even likes us, they would land on the tables while we were eating and sing to us. Oh, the birds there are beautiful colors. I never got sun burned just turned brown. The locals kept telling us were one of them ( accepted by the island) and calling us Ohana. In all the trip was amazing. Jess and I bonded even more. All I can say is I can't wait to go back.