Monday, December 22, 2008

This is funny!

So this was E-mailed to me, it made me laugh so hard. Just take a look and see.

Paisley's puppets

We are starting to have a Daddies girl! Paisley just adores her Dad, she knows how to get what she wants with her using puppy dog eyes on him. It's sad really, I use her to get things from Daddy that I need and he wont get me. Hey, but what ever works!
She has an other person that she can work over, Jordan. This is my sisters boyfriend. Well I think Paisley has him trained better than her dad. He loves her though, or at least he acts like it. We were over at my moms one night and she had to sit on his lap, look at the ham she is being. I think that is why he can put up with her, she can really make you laugh.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Tea Party

Paisley really wants a glass tea set from Santa. We have gotten her a plastic one for Christmas last year, but her brothers have lost a lot of the pieces outside in the neighborhood sand boxes. She had gotten a tiny glass tea pot, 2 cups and a sugar bowel out of one of those quarter machines at wal-mart a while back. She knows the difference between the glass ones and plastic sets, we have shown her the two kinds in stores and she always picks the glass. But the other morning I found her playing tea party with her dollies. It was so cute! She would pour the "Coco" in the dolls cups (with sound effects) and tip the tiny cup up to the dolls mouth. She even made a table for them by turning upside down a little storage basket. I really hope Santa doesn't disappoint her by not getting the right tea set.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Santa Clause is coming to Town

My boys got to go to see Santa Clause at the library on Saturday. They love Santa, they were so well behaved all day before going to see him! Their faces were priceless when they came around the corner and saw him sitting there waiting for them. They both patiently waited for their turn, and were very polite as they talked to him. Dominic is so caring, he told Santa Paisley is sick with pneumonia and couldn't leave our house. He told Santa she wants a glass tea set, and then quietly told him want he would like, laser tag. Seth got his turn and told Santa he wants a Harry Potter sorting hat. I was impressed my kids only every ask for only one thing from Santa and how Dominic knew Paisley was sad she was missing sitting on his lap. Santa and Mrs. Clause gave them books, and sent 2 home for Paisley. Dominic was sad when we left our house before seeing Santa, he felt bad as did Seth when Paisley was crying, "I want see HO HO, I want see HO HO." I was proud that Dominic felt he should tell Santa what his sister would like before what he wanted for himself first. That shows me his true character, I love my kids so much. Merry Early Christmas everyone.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


We got a dog, Chester, on Rodeo weekend, I am going to get rid of it soon if things don't change! He is such a good pet for my kids, he endures all the pulling, squeezing, and roughness from my over loving children with out even making an attempt to nip at anyone. BUT the rat-look-a-like keeps piddling on my $200 RUG! Now the rug reeks of Whiz. I have tried everything to get the smell out. So anyone PLEASE help me, give me some advise on your proven affective methods or removing the smell of dog piddle!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Our New Fence!

We have been blessed with the help of D. D. A. This is a government group that takes and helps special people learn to adapt and cope with public situation. Seth gets to go and participate every Thursday after school, he loves it! With the help of Rhonda Phillips, one of the people in charge of this area, found a funding option for Seth. The funding offered to accommodate the home of the special needs person. They found out Seth couldn't go outside by himself, he would always have to "Shadowed" with in arms length of an adult. Well being a busy mother I couldn't always provide this simple enjoyment everyday for Seth. He longed to join friends and be able to just be outside and play. The government gave us a funding option to purchase fencing material to enclose our entire back yard for the safety of Seth so he could play out side. We had to complete the project with in 2 weeks of receiving the funds and report back. We were so grateful to this group and agency for giving Seth one more opportunity of letting him feel "normal" amongst his peers. I hope everyone can really appreciate the simple things your kids are able to do , a small thing as being able to go outside and play in the fresh air and warm sun. Seth really has never been able to do this on his own, it is one more step for his gaining Independence.

Monday, November 17, 2008


We have a new smile. Paisley will pull this smile for any camera, and you bet she is saying CHEEEZZZZEEE. After you take the picture she has to see it. She will say, "Let's see it" and pull down the camera to view the back screen.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Day To Remember

This past weekend, Seth competed in a regional bowling tournament for special Olympics. He had to bowl three games in a row. He did great for the first two, with keeping his attention. On the third game, the lane kept messing up and half way through the thing would freeze up making it having to completely start over with the game. It happened twice, so really they bowled 5 games. It kind of got me irritated because Seth had really good scores and on the second and third time he didn't get as good, but oh well. All the athletes didn't care how many pins they knocked down, they are all so happy that they even got to play, they all what everyone to do good and most of all have fun. But when some one got a strike, everyone around you give the person a high five! When they gave the awards out none of the athletes care what color their award was or about what height of box they stood on at the podium. They just were so happy to have their names announced so proudly over the sound system. I want to live in their world all the time where everyone is equal and all you want if for the person next to you to do good and be happy. What a world this would be if we could all take that road in life. There was over 100 hundred athletes in all competing so the area missionaries volunteered to help out with a lane and keep a watch out for run away players. They were all so happy and made the day even better. Seth ended up taking 3rd place and it was dang cute when they announced his name. He got a big huge smile on his face and was so proud of himself. It was an amazing day for him. The other athletes that competed were Tony Lefeaver ( took 3rd) Clint Rasmussen (took 2nd) Allison wall (took 2nd) Tyler Eddie (took 1st) and Cage Allen (taking 2nd).

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Happy Halloween! Yeah this is a late post, but hey I am doing it.. I was in charge of my sons kindergarten class party, I had to plan the games, food, and tell the other mothers what they were suppose to do. I had all the games together and Jessie took me to Logan to get the items needed to play them. I was going to have the kids toss bean bags into a witches pot, through a ball and knock over pop bottles, musical chairs, make a silly pumpkin, and a fish bowl toss. That game was always my favorite at the 4-H carnival. I was simply going to have the kids toss the ping pong balls into a cups of water, some only would hold water and a few with goldfish. If the ball landed into the fishes cup, I was going to give them a little bag of pepperidge farm goldfish. My husband thought "Hey real gold fish would be funner to get!" He pushed the issue of real goldfish being cheaper too. So the mothers all ended up "loving" me I bet, I sent a real goldfish home with every kid in the class. I am still waiting to hear from angry moms. When we were leaving Walmart we ran into the characters of The Dark Night, mind you it's the night before Halloween. They looked so so so good, Batman even talked in the same voice as the movie, Joker laughed just like Heath Ledger, and Catwoman was just as sultry. Jessie asked them if we could take their pictures and they did, that started making everyone come over and take pictures too. Jess told the Joker he should send in a tape of himself to replace the open spot of the villain. Our kids ended up loving the pictures and had a blast getting candy trunk or treating in our subdivision. Paisley's bucket got so full she was dragging it, was way cute!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dress Up

This was so cute to me, I found Paisley playing dress up, I wish I could have gotten her when she was wearing her bright pink feather boa!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Funny Faces

Funny Faces

Our family went over to my parents house this past Friday. I had to make my pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for my Dad to munch on during conference. It is the easiest recipe to make, but my dad only likes the way I make them. (I still have him wrapped around my finger after 25 years, Paisley has the finger next to mine.) Bailey (my baby sister) was taking pictures, with her phone, and adding silly boarders to them making my kids laugh. It was a fun night. My dad and sister were just as excited as my kids when the cookies were finished. Seth came bouncing up to me and gave me a big hug. Amazingly Bailey got a picture of him doing it, rare moment to have Seth make a full arms around someone hug. When you get them from him, they are special and you can't help but love them.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Paisley is such a girly girl! She watches every thing us girls do, put on make-up, brush our hair, talk on the phone, and even wear sunglasses while we drive. I was going about the duties of the house, when she caught my eye. She had a little hand-bag (that is mini of mine) over her shoulder talking on her toy cell phone, (like it was an important call) and putting on some glasses she had found. I just had to laugh. It was cute she was acting like she was going into stores and dropping her dollies off at school. Jessie is the one who got this photo, bless him. What a good dad. I realized then I need to be very careful about how I act and what I say now, I have an echo following me.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More pictures From Seth's Birthday

These are my FAVORITE pictures we got of Seth. He is so happy in these photo's, I promise non of us have ever seen him get this happy. We so love him!

Seth's Birthday

Seth had his 8th birthday on the 15th of September. He had a blast! We went bowling and he thumped all of us with a score of 198! We went home to have cake and ice cream, he opened his presents and whacked a pinata to pieces. He got all the Harry Potter DVDs. It was very fun to watch him open them. Each person had brought him a different movie, so every time he opened them he would get even more excited! By the time he was done with the gifts he was shacking with happiness. He is so proud to have all of the "Potter's" now. His aid from school got him a Nick Jr. DVD and a huge bag of individual cheeto's, he loved them!. I am so happy to see Seth get that happy, he truly deserves those blissful moments.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cell Phone Camera Bandit

I was going through my pictures on my phone this morning and noticed some new photos. I viewed them and I couldn't remember taking them. They were way cute. I kept scrolling down to the next photos. You could tell they were taken by an unsteady hand, and that is how I found the guilty culprit. Seth has been taking pictures! I knew he gets on it to watch a video I recorded one day, but I didn't think he would know how to operate the camera, plus store them. Boy mom's never underestimate the intelligence of your children. I thought you all would get a kick out them, I did.