Monday, December 22, 2008

This is funny!

So this was E-mailed to me, it made me laugh so hard. Just take a look and see.

Paisley's puppets

We are starting to have a Daddies girl! Paisley just adores her Dad, she knows how to get what she wants with her using puppy dog eyes on him. It's sad really, I use her to get things from Daddy that I need and he wont get me. Hey, but what ever works!
She has an other person that she can work over, Jordan. This is my sisters boyfriend. Well I think Paisley has him trained better than her dad. He loves her though, or at least he acts like it. We were over at my moms one night and she had to sit on his lap, look at the ham she is being. I think that is why he can put up with her, she can really make you laugh.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Tea Party

Paisley really wants a glass tea set from Santa. We have gotten her a plastic one for Christmas last year, but her brothers have lost a lot of the pieces outside in the neighborhood sand boxes. She had gotten a tiny glass tea pot, 2 cups and a sugar bowel out of one of those quarter machines at wal-mart a while back. She knows the difference between the glass ones and plastic sets, we have shown her the two kinds in stores and she always picks the glass. But the other morning I found her playing tea party with her dollies. It was so cute! She would pour the "Coco" in the dolls cups (with sound effects) and tip the tiny cup up to the dolls mouth. She even made a table for them by turning upside down a little storage basket. I really hope Santa doesn't disappoint her by not getting the right tea set.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Santa Clause is coming to Town

My boys got to go to see Santa Clause at the library on Saturday. They love Santa, they were so well behaved all day before going to see him! Their faces were priceless when they came around the corner and saw him sitting there waiting for them. They both patiently waited for their turn, and were very polite as they talked to him. Dominic is so caring, he told Santa Paisley is sick with pneumonia and couldn't leave our house. He told Santa she wants a glass tea set, and then quietly told him want he would like, laser tag. Seth got his turn and told Santa he wants a Harry Potter sorting hat. I was impressed my kids only every ask for only one thing from Santa and how Dominic knew Paisley was sad she was missing sitting on his lap. Santa and Mrs. Clause gave them books, and sent 2 home for Paisley. Dominic was sad when we left our house before seeing Santa, he felt bad as did Seth when Paisley was crying, "I want see HO HO, I want see HO HO." I was proud that Dominic felt he should tell Santa what his sister would like before what he wanted for himself first. That shows me his true character, I love my kids so much. Merry Early Christmas everyone.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


We got a dog, Chester, on Rodeo weekend, I am going to get rid of it soon if things don't change! He is such a good pet for my kids, he endures all the pulling, squeezing, and roughness from my over loving children with out even making an attempt to nip at anyone. BUT the rat-look-a-like keeps piddling on my $200 RUG! Now the rug reeks of Whiz. I have tried everything to get the smell out. So anyone PLEASE help me, give me some advise on your proven affective methods or removing the smell of dog piddle!