Sunday, May 24, 2009

"A little Piece of Heaven Right Here Where You Are..."

I have the sweetest aunt in the world. This woman is so unselfish and thoughtful. My Aunt Traci was given my Grandpa Lex's wedding ring from his second marriage in his will. He passed away this past January and it's still hard, we are all letting our pain go a little by little and day by day. She knows how much he means to us, the whole family. His ring had 9 diamonds placed in the center. She took the ring and made each one of us grand-daughters a matching ring with one of the diamonds placed in the center of a band that hugs the diamond. She then made a ring similar for herself with the 5 remaining stones. Aunt Traci gave the reincarnated rings to each us the other night. She felt we all could and should have a piece of Grandpa Lex with us everyday. My sister took a photo and I changed it into this black and white one and am going to give one to each sister. As she snapped the photo, this song called "Heaven (Little by Little)" started playing in my head. Now LeAnn, Jenifer, Bailey and myself all have a little piece of heaven right here where we are, everyday. Thank you Aunt Traci, I love you.

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