Thursday, June 4, 2009

Paisley's Birthday

Paisley had her birthday a few days ago. All morning she kept saying, "Happy Birthday!" She eyeballed her presents all day and pick them up to shake saying, "It's a princess!" or "It's Dora or Diego!" (her two at the moment obsessions). She helped decorate her cake, we had two because of how big our many family members were going to come over. Paisley had to place the princess figures where she wanted on top of the cakes and got to shake the sprinkles on too. By the time she was able to open her presents, she was trembling from excitement! She couldn't open them fast enough! When she blew out her candles, I had snuck some trick ones in and thought it was amazing they would re-light. She said a ghost was lighting it again. All in all, she had a great day turning 3!


Kate said...

Paisley is so cute! I can't believe she's getting so big! Thanks for your advice on my blog!!! Eli and I were at dinner when you tried calling but I will try to call you back tomorrow. If I don't (because I'm horrible at remembering) please call me again. Anyway if your totally bored I would LOVE it if you felt like taking pictures of your curtains and e-mailing them to me! That would be awsome, but only if you have time because I know you're always way way busy! Talk to you soon!

Rusty and Jen said...

Dang...she got HOOKED up!! Looks like she had a blast.

Is there a one month rule to wish someone a happy birthday? If so...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

If not...I'm making one now :)