Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Viva Salt Lake

A few weeks back I went to a concert called Viva Salt Lake with my hubby, sister and B-I-L. It was a blast. We were on the bridge for the most part of the show listening and rocking out to "The Veer Union", "Pop Evil", and "Ten Years". Many times those bands noticed my sister and I (because we knew most of the songs, screamed after each one, and because of our hair being so bright against everyone else's) We decided to make our way down to the crowd and get up to the stage for Royal Bliss, my favorite band. Well, Salt Lake grows their people tall. I stood at every ones arm pits and the guy next to me didn't know what deodorant was. 2 songs into Royal Bliss, the crowd went wild and started to serge forward. "Um, hello! there is no where for us to go so stop pushing. I'm not like a zit and am going to pop up into the air to make room for you." Needless to say, being short and under the heat of every ones body temperature trapt beneath a human tent of arms throwing up rocker horn. The oxygen ran out and I hit the dirt. LITERALLY! My husband and B-I-L (John) lifted me up to be crowd surfed out because when I fell, 6 people saw an open spot and ran to it stomping on me in the process. So here I am being crowd surfed out to the front of the stage- unconscious! I woke up being dropped into the EMT and bodyguards arms. I was ticked because once you are crowd surfed out, your spot is lost and I wanted to listen to Royal Bliss. Thankfully, the band R.B. knows me and noticed what had happened. After the show we were invited to an after party at a club. it was great. Neal introduced me and my husband to Pop Evil, Veer Union, and 10 Year's band members, (as his goody goody Mormon friend that was the only one in the entire concert who passed out sober! I'll get him back for that someday) The band members to all those groups are really awesome. But, all in all it was a very memorable night. In the photos you can see me on the bridge with Jess, LeAnn, and John. The white hair is mine and red is LeAnn's. The one with 10 Years' lead singer and guitar player pointing to us, they actually were talking to US, my sis and me!

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