Wednesday, September 16, 2009 my AGE?

A little while back, we had our Elders Q. Party. This year, instead of having a BBQ out at the lake and boating all night long. They had a prom. Luckily, Jess let me drag him along to the party and surprisingly, it was a blast!
Here you can see Jess holding down the table with the other husbands while their wife's cut up the dance floor to the fast songs.
Two of us doing a line dance, well trying anyway. Notice my shoes. This dress was so long, I had to wear my highest pair so it wouldn't drag on the ground.

Jess admitting he has no clue when it comes to fast dancing. But rest assured, he danced every slow song with me.

Here I am, trying to break dance in a PROM DRESS! By the looks on the surrounding peoples face's they enjoyed it!

During one of the fast songs, I tried to get Jess out on the dance floor with me. When he wouldn't I started doing inpromt-do moves to embarrass him. This one is the sprinkler. Until I got this photo back, I had no idea the EVERYONE else was watching too.


Marc & Amber said...

Laci! You pretty much rock my socks! Those pictures are awesome! If I were to be there with ya, we would have had the place rockin'!

Kate said...

Oh my heck that looks so fun! I would LOVE to go dancing with Eli! Hey if you go to Roadhouse you've got to try the Ribs! Yum! Talk about the best ever!