Friday, August 27, 2010

New Parent Freakouts

Today I got really baord and watched the TLC network and laughed. On the show “Bringing Home Baby” a couple of new parents entered the journey of having their first child. The new parents seemed eager to be a good mommy and daddy and said they were “looking forward to sitting around the house and just looking at the baby." Well, the baby had other plans. She cried every waking minute. She pooped all the time and this is where it got interesting. The mother changed a diaper and freaked out. “It is runny and black! Oh my gosh, she is sick!” I need to tell you right here, the mother is a physician. A PHYSICIAN! You’d think she might know that a newborns poo is tar like. A few more hours go by and she is still freaking out. Her husband is trying his best to consul her that their new baby isn’t sick. The dad gets an idea and calls a Dula to come help them. Turns out the baby was fine. The reason for all the crying, Mom wasn’t feeding the baby long enough and the messy diaper was normal.

I laughed because the mom was a physician. That probably won’t help her get a lot of business. I understand that everything is new when you have a baby, but I agree that when you have your first baby you should have some kind of parenting class behind you. I did on my first and it saved me so much stress.
But I admit I was still in the dark on a lot of things. I still am. What are some of your first time baby freak outs?


Michelle W. Nate said...

I really didn't have any baby freak outs...surprised? I don't know. I feel like I was a fantastic mother to my when attitude and influences by others come into the picture I am probably a terrible mom. I loved nothing more than taking care of my babies. If I had to pick something I'd say strangers coming up and touching my baby freaked me out. I was a total germaphobe with my kids. Hated people touching them. OH! There was one night when I popped out of bed and had a feeling to check my baby and I was so glad I did. He had puked while laying on his back and was starting to choke. That was a freak out moment.

Raree said...

I didn't really have any freakouts either. For one thing, I'm generally a laid back person. For another, I felt like I had a fair amount of experience with newborns . . . I was almost ten years old when Charity was born, and just shy of 13 when Andrew was. So I observed quite a bit. I took no parenting classes, and didn't really read any books about parenting or newborns either. The only book I did read was about natural childbirth - and that was all I could afford to do the first time. No classes for me. Does that make me sound arrogant? hahaha

SuzQuez said...

First, the birth. My man and I went to natural childbirth classes . We were all ready to go. Early one Sunday my water started leaking. Finally, Sunday night we went to the hospital. "Go home, you're not ready," was what I got. Finally about midnight we go again. "Go walk around, you're not ready. Go get in a warm bath and have some beers [yes, seriously, from a nurse in Preston]." Well, I'll tell you, this time I was not going back to the hospital until I was ready. So we walked around town as I threw up in the flower boxes. Then we went home. I sat at the table and fell asleep waking, up every minute or two for the bad pains. Then finally I felt like pushing. 'Twas all quite a nightmare there. So we went to the hospital and I had the babe out an hour after we got there early Monday morning. So I was ready to tell other girls in my natural childbirth class that it was AWFUL. But, the wonderful part was that we had a gorgeous wiggling-on-the-way-out, dark haired cutie whom we have loved ever since we knew she was going to be a part of our life!

The other surprise was that one teeny little thing took all of your day, plus!

And now mothering has been 24, no 36/7 every day so far for 26 years, through 10 pregnancies, five miscarriages, and five amazing girls.

THE ONLY WAY TO GO! (...crazy, happy, fulfilled, wiped out, etc.)