Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Week As A Single Mother: Day 4

Holy Moly! Today went perfect. The kids all got up, ate, brushed their teeth, and were dressed a half hour before the need to be at school. Seth even walked to his class with out any trouble. I was shocked.

Paisley was so cute and took a n apple for her teacher. I had the harder time when it came to leave, she looked at me out of the corner of her eye and waved. Broke my heart. Not even a tiny tear. But I guess that's alright. It's good she can handle being on her own for school...

Dom loved his first day too. He was really happy that mom walked him into his class. Yeah, my little boy has grown up and hit the stage where mom just isn't very cool anymore. We'll see if that changes when he wants a car in a few years.

I have to explain about the school clothes Seth wore. As some of you know he is very picky about the way clothes feel against his skin. If it's not right, he rips them off like Hulk Hogan. So, yes, he wore a t-shirt and basketball shorts. But, he made it all day with no outburst. So I guess its a battle I'm not fighting.

 We are really missing the daddy today. Every year he would ask them about their days when he got home, but this year he couldn't. The kids even noticed. Well, it's only a few more days and he'll be back.

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