Friday, March 16, 2012

Oh, No.

Last week I quit nursing my baby. Well, he just turned one a few days ago so I guess he isn't a baby-baby any more. About six months ago we found out he is allergic to bananas, not a fun day on that one, so I'm really picky when I give him foods. This kids wants to eat all the time too. Being 12 months old, we did a straight transition from breastfeeding to sippy cup. He did okay during the day but since he still wakes up two times in the night he wants a bottle, not that cup.

When my other kids turned one, I gave them cows milk in their cups and did the same with number four with out thinking twice of it. I was wrong.

He became overly fussy the moment I stopped nursing. I guessed it would happen because this kid wanted to nurse every two hours up until we stopped. Oh, and the diapers were nasty runny. Riot got his shots the day after his birthday and is also getting some molars and yet again I guessed this could be linked to the runny nose and nasty diapers.

On day three of cows milk the fussiness grew to whet I thought were outrageous temper tantrums. He would scream so loud he'd arch his back. I'd try and sooth him by lightly rubbing his belly or back while holding him. He'd cry even more when I touched his stomach. Then came the vomiting. Like Old Faithful had been placed in my son's mouth and went off a few seconds after he's finish a bottle.

Today while rocking him because he hadn't wanted to eat anything, it hit me. He has to be allergic to milk. I thought back to when he was first born and he would get a really upset stomach if I'd drink milk. You'd think I was a new mother by not connecting the dots, but when you other three kids aren't bothered by any foods I never thought about it.

If any of you have any tips on this let me know. And don't be a smarty pants and say, "Don't feed him milk products." 

Oh, the joys of being a parent. Lovely, aren't they?  


Ben Spendlove said...

Our second child had a serious intolerance of the protein in cow's milk as well as soy. It gave her awful diarrhea and tummy pain. She stopped nursing at eight months, and since she couldn't have milk or soy in any form, she stopped gaining weight. At ten months, we had to put her on a non-dairy, non-soy formula called Nutramigen. It cost a lot, but fortunately Utah's WIC program paid for it. (With a doctor's signature.)

By two years old, she was able to tolerate both milk and soy, though we suspect she's lactose intolerant now. She can't drink much straight milk without getting a tummy ache. But she can eat almost anything else.

It should be noted that her original problem was with with the protein, not the lactose, so things like Lactaid wouldn't work. And it started when she was a few months old and breastfeeding exclusively. My wife had to avoid all soy and milk, or she'd get fussy. She also had a rash and diarrhea.

It sounds like your little guy *might* have the same thing. We had to take our girl to an allergist in Ogden to get a diagnosis, but I think there's an allergy clinic in Logan, now. (I'm thinking you're in Preston, right?) It's not a true allergy, so none of the skin tests came back positive. The allergist called it food-protein induced enterocolitis.

Anyway, this is a long comment. This issue was a big part of our lives for a couple years, and then one day we tried milk again it she was fine with it.

Laci said...

Ben, thank you so much. This does sound a like what is going on. I set up an appointment with an allergy specialist for this week in Logan. I wondered if it might be something that might be "in" the milk because he can eat crackers and no vomiting and less belly pain.

My oldest son couldn't tolerate formula or milk either and was on that same formula. I'm familiar with that brand.

Thank you so much for the idea to ask about the protien. This helps tons!