Friday, December 6, 2013

Dino's and Christmas Magic

The past few years I've watched many of my friends have a lot of fun with their kids and Elf On The Shelf. Heck, I even have a board on Pinterest of ideas if I were to ever get the doll. Notice, I haven't actually gotten the doll. Why? I've talked to my kids in the past and we've seen them in the stores, but my kids just didn't get the idea of it. They were like, Yeah, it's a toy mom moves around. Hello?!?! We are looking at it in the box and seeing you buy it. So, we never purchased one.

I still wanted to do something fun though and this got me thinking. Why not use something we already have? Need I add the toy is $30 and that could go toward an actual present. I read a link on Facebook that a family staged dinosaurs for the month of November to show their kids there is imagination. LIGHT BULB! My kids have dinosaurs! And one night I started it.

To see how they would react, this is what they woke up to.

The letter pretty much says so elves were spying on them and some of their magic they carry with them to get them back and fourth from the North Pole had accidently spilled on them, OOPPS! Now they come alive while everyone sleeps and reports back to Santa.

 It worked! They were SO excited and couldn't stop talking about these Magic Dino's constantly until I dropped them off at school. So, naturally this isn't normal and like any business public relations has to clean up, so Santa sent them a letter explaining more in detail what was going on.

When They came home they found a scroll waiting on the driveway. The squeals as they brought this in the house and read it were deafening. Now I was committed.

This is what they found the next few mornings.

Day 2

Dino workout turned into a silly game of drop the marshmallow in Rex's mouth.
Day 3

Dino dress up tea party!
Day 4
The Chair! Hit him with the chair! Wow! Dino's taking on The Undertaker?!?!
This has been super fun and the kids are having a blast. After they find the dino's they play and play and play with them in the set ups. I found my two year old, Riot, holding a few of the dinosaurs the other day yelling, "Wake up! Play wif me!" 
Now I just need to think up about 20 more scenes. Hope you all enjoy.


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