Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Mother's across the world please don't take the little things for granted. Such as your kids wearing underwear.  A few of my kids have extreme sensory issue. This makes clothing difficult. Undergarments are now huge problem for one of my son's. The adult sizes aren't as soft as they were in children's. We have bought four different packages and now they are all ripped in half.  This becomes an expensive problem when a package costs between $8 and $14. 

I've tried mending them but it's the material.  Any kind 9 rubbing against his private area and off they come and my sons best Hulk Hogan impersonation appears. This is why he wears basketball shorts and warm up pants. Denim, forget it! That's like sandpaper rubbing against himself. Can you only imagine? It has to be just as frustrating for him to feel that way as it is for me having to run to the store while he waits in the bathroom wrapped in a towel. 

Again, remind yourself when you toss your kids their clothes in the morning for school and they put them on that some kids feel like the tags in the back of their shirts are out to slice a hole in the back of their necks. 

If your child insists on wearing the most mismatched and ugliest outfit to school, LET THEM. It could be worse.  Like WW3 worse. 


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