Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Paisley is such a girly girl! She watches every thing us girls do, put on make-up, brush our hair, talk on the phone, and even wear sunglasses while we drive. I was going about the duties of the house, when she caught my eye. She had a little hand-bag (that is mini of mine) over her shoulder talking on her toy cell phone, (like it was an important call) and putting on some glasses she had found. I just had to laugh. It was cute she was acting like she was going into stores and dropping her dollies off at school. Jessie is the one who got this photo, bless him. What a good dad. I realized then I need to be very careful about how I act and what I say now, I have an echo following me.


Rusty and Jen :) said...

One of these days she might tell all your family secrets to a total stranger!! She's a doll!

KATE said...

Seriously that's so adorable! I really miss seeing you at work all the time! It's a good thing we have blogs so we can stay posted! :)