Sunday, November 2, 2008


Happy Halloween! Yeah this is a late post, but hey I am doing it.. I was in charge of my sons kindergarten class party, I had to plan the games, food, and tell the other mothers what they were suppose to do. I had all the games together and Jessie took me to Logan to get the items needed to play them. I was going to have the kids toss bean bags into a witches pot, through a ball and knock over pop bottles, musical chairs, make a silly pumpkin, and a fish bowl toss. That game was always my favorite at the 4-H carnival. I was simply going to have the kids toss the ping pong balls into a cups of water, some only would hold water and a few with goldfish. If the ball landed into the fishes cup, I was going to give them a little bag of pepperidge farm goldfish. My husband thought "Hey real gold fish would be funner to get!" He pushed the issue of real goldfish being cheaper too. So the mothers all ended up "loving" me I bet, I sent a real goldfish home with every kid in the class. I am still waiting to hear from angry moms. When we were leaving Walmart we ran into the characters of The Dark Night, mind you it's the night before Halloween. They looked so so so good, Batman even talked in the same voice as the movie, Joker laughed just like Heath Ledger, and Catwoman was just as sultry. Jessie asked them if we could take their pictures and they did, that started making everyone come over and take pictures too. Jess told the Joker he should send in a tape of himself to replace the open spot of the villain. Our kids ended up loving the pictures and had a blast getting candy trunk or treating in our subdivision. Paisley's bucket got so full she was dragging it, was way cute!

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