Monday, November 24, 2008

Our New Fence!

We have been blessed with the help of D. D. A. This is a government group that takes and helps special people learn to adapt and cope with public situation. Seth gets to go and participate every Thursday after school, he loves it! With the help of Rhonda Phillips, one of the people in charge of this area, found a funding option for Seth. The funding offered to accommodate the home of the special needs person. They found out Seth couldn't go outside by himself, he would always have to "Shadowed" with in arms length of an adult. Well being a busy mother I couldn't always provide this simple enjoyment everyday for Seth. He longed to join friends and be able to just be outside and play. The government gave us a funding option to purchase fencing material to enclose our entire back yard for the safety of Seth so he could play out side. We had to complete the project with in 2 weeks of receiving the funds and report back. We were so grateful to this group and agency for giving Seth one more opportunity of letting him feel "normal" amongst his peers. I hope everyone can really appreciate the simple things your kids are able to do , a small thing as being able to go outside and play in the fresh air and warm sun. Seth really has never been able to do this on his own, it is one more step for his gaining Independence.


Perry's said...

That is so awesome. Look how happy he is out there! I'm glad that you guys were able to get a fence for him. He'll love it outsite on his own now, i'm sure.

Rusty and Jen :) said...

That's wonderful! Now he can have some freedom to play on his own :)

Michelle W. Nate said...

That is so great! I love programs like this who make it easier for families like yours and even more important for their little ones. I am so happy for you.