Monday, December 15, 2008

Tea Party

Paisley really wants a glass tea set from Santa. We have gotten her a plastic one for Christmas last year, but her brothers have lost a lot of the pieces outside in the neighborhood sand boxes. She had gotten a tiny glass tea pot, 2 cups and a sugar bowel out of one of those quarter machines at wal-mart a while back. She knows the difference between the glass ones and plastic sets, we have shown her the two kinds in stores and she always picks the glass. But the other morning I found her playing tea party with her dollies. It was so cute! She would pour the "Coco" in the dolls cups (with sound effects) and tip the tiny cup up to the dolls mouth. She even made a table for them by turning upside down a little storage basket. I really hope Santa doesn't disappoint her by not getting the right tea set.


Michelle W. Nate said...

Don't you just love their little imaginations. I wish I could go back to that every once and awhile.

The Butterfield Family!! said...

So, did Santa get her the tea set that she wanted?