Sunday, December 7, 2008

Santa Clause is coming to Town

My boys got to go to see Santa Clause at the library on Saturday. They love Santa, they were so well behaved all day before going to see him! Their faces were priceless when they came around the corner and saw him sitting there waiting for them. They both patiently waited for their turn, and were very polite as they talked to him. Dominic is so caring, he told Santa Paisley is sick with pneumonia and couldn't leave our house. He told Santa she wants a glass tea set, and then quietly told him want he would like, laser tag. Seth got his turn and told Santa he wants a Harry Potter sorting hat. I was impressed my kids only every ask for only one thing from Santa and how Dominic knew Paisley was sad she was missing sitting on his lap. Santa and Mrs. Clause gave them books, and sent 2 home for Paisley. Dominic was sad when we left our house before seeing Santa, he felt bad as did Seth when Paisley was crying, "I want see HO HO, I want see HO HO." I was proud that Dominic felt he should tell Santa what his sister would like before what he wanted for himself first. That shows me his true character, I love my kids so much. Merry Early Christmas everyone.

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chelsea said...

Hey Laci I came across your blog a few weeks ago...soo cute. So good to see that you and Jessie are doing so well. Your kids look awesome! Hope all is well for ya. Stay in touch!