Saturday, January 23, 2010

Teen Pregancy

Tonight I watched the T.V. special The Pregnancy Pack. The idea of wanting to have a baby as a teenager is puzzling. Why would you want to do that? I have the right to ask that question, because I had a baby at the young age of 17. So, when all my friends were getting ready for their senior year Homecoming Week of high school, I was delivering a baby. Now my pregnancy wasn’t planned by all means, and I weighed all my choices after finding out there was a baby on the way. (After the rounds of tears). But do teenagers really have an idea of what raising a child means? I had an idea, but the real answer is, NO. It is SO HARD! It’s not like playing house with your dollies.

Now, I wouldn’t ever change the choice I made. I kept my baby, but I also had a guy that loved me and wanted to start our lives together right then. Sadly that isn’t the case in all situations and most of these girls think it is. My situation had an extra strain though. After I had my baby, he was diagnosed with a genetic mutation and therefore would be disabled for life. Now, isn’t that a blow to the heart? I’m so grateful I had the support of my husband to get through that.

That same year I got pregnant, there were 5 other girls along with me. (No, none of us made a pack. It was all coincidence… I PROMISE!) Not all of them ended with this fairytale out come of happily ever after and that’s the reality of teen pregnancy. I really hope the teenagers are seriously thinking about what comes with a baby. Let me mention a just few things; crying all night, nasty diapers, pucking….A LOT of pew-ook-ing, ear infections, more crying, always needing more money to get things, and lets not forget about the sleepless nights. So if you’re not ready for that then wait. Although I’m happy with the choice I made, it’s not for everyone. Like I said before, I would NEVER change my choice. My son has made me a better person and of course I kinda love the lil’ bugger.


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chelsea said...

Wow Laci what an open heart story! Thanks for sharing...although I saw some from the out side of the never really know the whole inside story! Smiles!