Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My little 3 year old had her first dance performance. The teacher asked that the girls wear Christmas colors and left it at that. I'm so lucky, because I have a "princess" for a daughter. She wanted to wear a tutu. Well, Princess doesn't own a Christmas color tutu. I asked the other mothers what they were going to dress their daughters in, most said sweats.

*Now, I have to admit when I was little my mother put me in dance pants for my Christmas dance program, but I remember seeing the pretty skirts on the girls performing a scene from the Nutcracker. I longed to look like one of them and wanted to hide in my white t-shirt and pants.*
So, the resourceful (and prideful) motherly traits in me thought up an idea and quick.
“I’ll make her a tutu!”

Later that night I told (bragged really) my boss at how cute my daughter was going to look. Her client had two granddaughters in the same class and asked if I’d make one for each of them too.
 “Sure why not.”
 (That way my daughter wouldn’t look out of place being the only one)

The next morning, I took the tutu’s to dance practice and gave them to the two girls. NOT A GOOD IDEA! Groups of mothers loved them. Some how I agreed to make more. How many more you ask?
12 more….. In two days.

*Yes I have a stamp on my forehead that reads,”SUCKER. DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO SAY NO”.

I thought about what had happened and realized only 4 girls wouldn’t have a tutu. (I’m tender hearted) I made them some too, all the way until 3 AM!

The day of the performance arrived and I brought the tutus, passed them out and met a big surprise. Each mother had donated $5 toward the tutus. Cha-ching!

Worth every second of sleeplessness, because the tiny pre-school dancers looked like little peppermint patties out there.
So cute.


Josh and Kandice said...

Those are so dang cute!! You did such a great job.

Michelle W. Nate said...

They look great! How fun are you.