Friday, February 5, 2010

How I Got My Kids To Take a Nap

"Give that back, "screamed my 6 year old, Dominic. "It's my turn for the Playstation."

"Mom, Seth's be mean," added Paisley. "He gunna scratch Dom, I know it."

"Seth, please share," I said, after getting pulled out of a great ZEN with my writing. I mean I was on a roll.

A scream of bloody murder pulled me down stairs to find out the paddle had magically bounced out of Seth's hands and landed on Dominic's head.

After calming down Dom and talking to Seth about not hitting for the 10,000 time, I came up with an plan.

"Why don't you guys go outside and play in the snow. You haven't made me a snowman this year anyway and our yard is looking pretty lonely."

You'd thought I gave them a whole new life to look forward to. Snowsuites, boots, hats, and gloves flew on faster than the clothes of a teenage boy who was about to be caught with his girlfriend.

Out the door they went and rolled snow quicker than I'd ever seen before. Two hours flew by like they were only minutes and the kids came back in wiped out. They lumbered to the sofa and I picked up the trail of clothing that would have put Hanzel and Gretal to shame. I can't believe how much moister a snowsuite can hold.

These are the days I'm thankful for living in an area that will provide weather that will wear out my children. Now, enjoy the snowman my kids made. Paisley thought up the hat.

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Bethany Wiggins said...

Lovely snowman and lovely-sounding kids! Snow is tiring. I'm ready for summer!