Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm so sneaky!

My life just got a tiny bit nicer easier. I'm all about making things fair. My husband baught a new truck, well, it's not NEW NEW but new to us. To pay it off we sold his old Chevy, and that was a sad day for Seth. He cried as the guy backed out of our driveway after purchasing The Big Green Hulk (that's the name Dom gave it awhile ago). Meanwhile, I've been saving up for a laptop but the stash never seems to gain a high dollar amount. Plus, we have a nice desktop that already does everything pretty much perfectly and did iI mention fast? But having to share the computer with everyone gets kinda old, fast.

So, I am pretty good at a few things. One being, giving someone a guilt trip in such a sneaky way, you don't know what hit you until your giving in and commiting to something you would have never thought possible. Don't worry, this can only be pulled off about 3 times a year, and it's always on my husband.

That being said, guess who got a new laptop!?!

So prepare yourself, you might get to see this mug talking to you via vlog post. Unless you think it might cause nightmares. If that's case I'll hold off on the webcam.  

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