Sunday, July 25, 2010

I worked out this week!

Okay, it’s been a week and I have done some kind of workout everyday. Shocking, I know. I do feel better and suprisingly the scale is saying I am lighter, although my goal of not being out of breath isn’t met yet. But lucky for me neither is the thirty days I gave myself to complete this goal.

I want to add, I’m drinking enough water to fill a swimming pool everyday. Which in turn now I have to scout out bathrooms like never before.

Thanks to a comment from Amber that I took into consideration, whenever I crave sweets, I eat watermelon or grapes. IT WORKS! I don’t like the taste of chocolate that much anymore.

So there is my update on the getting healthy goal. Can’t you just wait to find out what I have planned for this coming week? My body is going to be in shock from soda withdrawals. Yes, I’m going to cut out ALL soda. This should be interesting.


Michelle Bell said...

Way to go! I think the biggest things that helped me losing weight (and Josh too) besides excersising was cutting out soda, and on any rare occasion we drank it we drank diet or fresca, but mostly water. Then eating good healthy food in proper portions. Keep up the good work!! I need to get back into my good health habits...

Raree said...

Woohoo! I started doing a little exercise myself this past week. Cutting out soda will help the weight loss happen and make it easier to breathe when you exercise! That single step is going to make a huge difference. Keep it up! You're totally motivating me - plus I got new running shoes today, so now I really don't have any good excuses. :D