Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Moved To Tears

The other day my husband and I were walking through a store that was displaying art. I know, what a date. An art gallery, but hey it’s free and gave us time to talk. Now I need to back up a tiny bit. As some of you may know, lately I’ve been going through some tough times emotionally with this pregnancy and my oldest son. Although I’ve shed a lot of tears, I’ve grown too. (Not only in my waist but spiritually as well.)

My husband and I had moved passed the paintings and came to the still art section. This tiny 4x5 picture caught my attention. I pointed at it and cried. My husband clueless to what I was doing, put his arm around me and asked what was wrong.

“That picture. It’s so personal to me. I’ve felt that so many times.”

By this time, my husband saw the picture I was referring to and understood. It was of a woman weeping against a rock and Jesus comforting her. Not like a full on bear hug, but a gentle touch, letting her know He understands and is hurting along with her.

I wiped my eyes and got the heck out of that section. I didn’t want anyone to see me crying. But the image left a permanent mark with me. As someone who works in the art genera, I hope my work has an impact on someone like this picture did. Even if it’s just one single person.

Here's the picture that moved me to tears.


Raree said...

How do people deal with trials when they don't have a sure knowledge of the Savior? I'm so glad that you've felt the love of Christ . . . especially given that I can only imagine how challenging your life as a mother must be. It's such a boon to know that He really understands everything that we experience.

Nonnie said...

I love you Laci, and think you are so amazing. Not only does your Heavenly Father love you, but so many of us around you love and cherish you also. We are here for you no matter how far away. You are such a strong and amazing person. Love you sweetie!