Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree, Real Christmas Tree

We did our annual tree hunt this year and made Jess happy because he was able to say he filled at least one kind of tag. I learned a few tips for next year. Have the kids wear snowpants. When we left our house there was no snow on the ground. Well, up in the mountains it was waist deep. By the time we made it to the first grove of trees Paisley had a melt down and claimed she was frozen numb from the waist down.

 Another lessened learned, don't let Jess pick trees. He wants them full of squirrel nests or big enough to fill the entire living room. Tip number three! Bring a saw! I assumed that was a given, but it's something that always should be double checked because when it came time to chop down the tree, no chainsaw. At least Jess brought a bone saw (don't ask) and a hatchet. They worked and got the job done.  This is something everyone needs to know and Remember trees double in size once they leave the forest. (That brings me back to why Jess shouldn't pick the tree it's freaking huge). I mean they don't literally grow while hauling them home. They are just bigger than you think compared to the massive Forrest pines around it. When it gets back to your living room, they are BIG. And lastly, wear a head camera to capture this all on film because it's too funny for words.

The ride home was much better, we were once again warm. Paisley slept while Dom and Riot played on the phone. Seth spotted the wild turkeys on the side of the road. We had a good time. Even if the tree is so big it takes up the whole front room.

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