Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Birthday Parties

This past year we had some fun parties. They were pretty simple to do. I used plastic table clothsand crate  paper  to decorate with. I learned the trick of use the same color or two and it will look like a lot more. 

Mickey Mouse

Riot is obsessed with Mickey. He absolutely loved this! 

Girl Carnival
Paisley turned a big number this year. She wanted to invite some friends from her class but I didn't know a lot of their parents and the rule at school is if you send invitations to class, everyone gets invited. So, 31 kids later I gad to think of something to entertain that many 8 year olds, boys and girls. 

My friend made this cake, she did amazing! I love the detail.

We ended up doing a carnival. They earned tickets and traded them for prizes at the end. 

With that many kids running around they were bound to get hungry and cake wouldn't be enough, so we had a refreshment table. Everyone got a popcorn, cotton candy, snow cone and water. They had a blast. 

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