Thursday, August 28, 2008

I got a chance of a life time today! I got to hang out with the rock band Royal Bliss. They are really awesome guys. They have good songs and put on a great show. Jessie, my sister LeAnn, John (her hubby) and my brothers girl friend Meagen all got to go! We got photos, got to chat and hang out for a while.They loved my hair and my sisters that is what got us noticed in the first place! The gave us t-shirts and a good time. The guy that plays rhythm guitar (Chris Harding) got an amazing Fo-Hawk, thank you very much. The picture with me and the guy is Neal Middelton, the lead singer. He is a real nice guy. My husband even liked everyone of the band members. I am still on cloud nine for this opportunity. It was a rock'n good time!

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Rusty and Jen :) said...

How exciting...doesn't hurt that he super cute too!