Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Is that your natural color?

A lot of my clients say to me, “Laci, I can’t believe I’m going grey at my age! Please don’t tell anyone.”

Rest assured your secrets are safe with me. ALL OF THEM. And, believe me I know way too much about people. Being a cosmetologist, my license should include; marriage therapist, person guidance counselor, and one that I really do like being, a person that someone can come to when they just need a shoulder to cry on. But, sometimes people unwilling give you information you don’t want to hear. I mean they literally rape my ear. I will, however, not repeat what you told me. Consider it my professional courtesy.

Sorry, that went a little off track. Any-who. Hair color. Don’t fret too much if you dye your hair. 85% of women –and men—are NOT their natural hair color, and it’s not that big of a deal. Personally, a man with a few dusty greys on their head tells me they are experienced, distinguished, and possibly more mature. A woman with silver or white hair implies they have been there, done that, and loved it. BUT, on the other hand, some feel it ages them. It’s okay to cover it up. I will when my hair looses it’s pigment. What am I talking about? I already do. I don’t think I can remember my REAL hair color. I know in my childhood my hair was a bright golden blonde, and then turned to a light brown in my teens. Later, after each child it darkened what felt like 4 shades.

I like to color people’s hair because when I’m done they feel better about themselves. The same when I get my own hair colored. So be proud of what ever your hair color is, natural or adjusted to your perfection of style and taste.

For your enjoyment, here are some snap shots of my past hair colors. What one is your favorite color on me?                                         
This is my color now.


Marc & Amber said...

You're one sexy mama and I miss you!

Michelle W. Nate said...

I think they are both really fun in your engagement pictures and what you've got now. Why stick to just one look?

Laci said...

Michelle, those aren't engagement pictures. They are just some we got done when we last had our family pictures taken, like 6 years ago. That is my natural color w/ a few highlights after 2 kids. Thanks for the kind words though, you're sweet!