Friday, December 11, 2009

Skinny Jeans

Today I had the experience of being in the grocery store during high school lunch hour. I know some of you are probably thinking so what? Well, where I live the high school is pretty much next door to the ONE grocery store in town and the majority of the students eat there at the deli.

Now, I’m one who tries to keep up with trends, but not for sure I can handle this one. I’m sorry, so sorry to you teenage boys. You teenage boys, who are wearing super, SUPER tight skinny jeans.

Have you taken a second and noticed your reflection in the mirror? Turn to the side; do you know what you look like? A capital “L”.
Plus, how do you bend over? Can you breathe? ‘Cause I know when I wear jeans that are too tight, it’s close to impossible for me to do either. I over heard a boy bragging he had to lay down to zip up his pants with pliers. Um, what happens if you have to pee at school?

This fad sent me into a bad flash back of the pant style of my high school days, those extremely baggy pants. Where their behinds were only covered by a thin layer of boxer shorts and the pants were held up around their upper thigh by a belt.
My husband was guilty of this fashion movement and I remember his pockets being so big he could carry a 2 liter bottle of soda, and was proud of it!

Now take a look at these twin boys, yes BOYS, from the group Tokio Hotel. An example of one extreme to the next.
Do you understand what I'm saying?

This next example is my personal preference of pant styles for guys, and yes, one is a skinny jean.

Can we please have a happy medium and loosen up the calf area just a hair? Skinny jeans aren’t horrible, but it’s when they are so tight you almost waddle is the problem.
Am I alone in this?


Michelle W. Nate said...

Absolutely not alone in your thinking. I can't stand when guys look sloppy nor do I love the super tight pour your pants on skinny jeans. I do like the final two pictures you have chosen. :) I probably like the other side of them even better.

Marc & Amber said...

HAHA! I think skinny jeans on guys are nasty! I just went to Cali last weekend and EVERY STINKIN' SOUL there had on skinny jeans! I just wrote about that just barely in my blog! Haha!

Tammy said...

not only are they ugly but they are very unhealthy.