Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I've lived in this current home for 5 plus years and guess what? I still have some boxes that haven't been unpacked yet. I'm proud to say, I tackled one today--YAY for me--. I know, I know, hold your applause. I'm glad I picked this one to go through because it was PICTURES!!!!!!!! Not just any photo's but high school activities. *EVIL LAUGH* I know some of you have fainted off your chair, terrified you might be in some. Be worried if you were on the PHI-DEL team

 or a cheerleader with me because you are.

Take a gander and see if you can recognize anyone, let alone yourself.

Rodeo parade, when we martched BEHIND the band.  Freshman year.

Do you remember those outfits? And the gloves?

We are about to turn a corner. It really sucked being the outside-end person. WIDE STEPS to stay in line.
The next are my Sophomore year.

Novelty routine to Dr. Bones.

Military routine, I don't remember the song's title but I know it came off of the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack.

Ending postion of the routine.

Now, about those other unpacked boxes......maybe I should throw 'em out with out looking. Nah. I'll leave them for another day.


Josh and Kandice said...

Ok Laci, I really want a copy of all these pictures!! Look at me and Teri in the Dr. Bones one, my oh my!! Those were the best days! Hey do you have the video tapes of our Phi Del performances? I've somehow somewhere lost them. I'd love a copy! Who can forget the fun parade marches and the early morning training?

Laci said...

Kandice, training is right! I have a DVD of Phi-Dels, but need to find it so I can upload it. I'm so glad we have these memories, it was a very fun year. I wish they still had the drill team at PHS.

Cynde L. Hammond said...


They are GREAT photos, but I'll bet they're even better memories, aren't they? Don't you love it when you find stuff like that?

I'm so glad that I saved so much stuff from back when I went to school, because my twin sister, Sande, and I graduated a year early--and back in 1972 that was a really BIG deal. We were only 16 at the time, so we grew up pretty fast, but we were very mature to begin with.

Have a Merry Christmas!

Cynde's Got The Write Stuff

Ash said...

Oh man, thankfully I'm not in any of those! I'm also thankful that nobody took pictures of that one cheerleader skit that I was in...with that one guy I had a crush on... It was fun, but I look back on it now and it makes me was funny to relive the past for just a few minutes. Take care, cute girl!