Monday, May 31, 2010

I'll give you the stars

The sun lowered behind the mountain. A little four year old girl and her dad sat by a camp fire. She pointed her tiny finger up at the night sky.

4 year old: "Daddy what’s that?"

Her dad glanced up then back at his daughter.

Dad: It’s a star.

4 yr. old: Can I have it?

Dad: Yes. It can be your star.

The little girl grinned and looked up at the twinkling star.

Dad: You need to give it a name.

4 yr. old: Paisley’s star!


Raree said...

That's precious! People who choose not to have kids are missing out, huh.

Michelle W. Nate said...

Love it! My daddy and I have a star too. I loved star gazing with him.