Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Bad Morning

It was an interesting morning when I dropped off Seth for Summer school. He had been great all morning and couldn't wait to go on their field trip to the dog groomers. As we were pulling up to the curb, a few teenagers rode up on their bikes for drivers ed. and it set Seth off. See, the day before the class had gone bike ridding with Common Ground. Seth loves to ride his bike. Well, long story short, he wanted to get on the bikes and a fit settled in.

Some of you know his fits aren't the typical child tantrum. His are the equivalent of  a fight with a raging tiger. I got him settled down enough to get him up the stairs when one of the helpers from his class noticed our scuffle. She came over and grabbed Seth. I warned her not to put any of her body, especially her arms or hands in front of him or he would bite. What she do? Wrapped her arm around his mouth. Yep, CLAMP! Teeth sunk in.

I managed to release Seth's mouth from the ladies flesh but not before she screamed at me. I apologised and we got him into the class room. Guess what? She did it again. The teacher brought over a toy to distract Seth and calm him down. But, it also brought all the other kids over to the toy too. Before I could get the toy pulled further away out of Seth's bubble. He grabbed a kid and dug him. The teacher made me feel like crap by showing me what Seth had done to the kid and aid. I know what he did and I do feel bad for them and I was trying to prevent it but nobody would listen to me.

Thankfully, the aids that are familiar with Seth and knows how to work with him came in. He settled down and hopefully will stay that way. Can I just tell you all Autism sucks. It's a mean disability that really pisses me off. It takes over my son and hides him behind this violent meanness, because on the good days Seth is the best of kids and I know that's what he's really like. A good kid.

So on that note; you hear me Autism?!?! You suck! 


Vicki said...

Laci I am sorry that sounds really hard. how did you know thats what seth has i've been wondering about my middle son Trace it he's going to be three is it too soon to tell??

Laci said...

It not to soon. He's about the age we found out with Seth. We did Seth through Idaho Infants and Toddlers. I haven't ever met your boy so don't think I'm saying he has it in anyway.

The Bee Family said...

Ugh Laci! I'm sorry that sounds like a rough morning! You are such a great mother and what happened couldn't be helped and wasn't your fault. With you being the mom people should respect what you say and maybe listen to you! Good grief, I hope the day got better and that Seth had fun on his field trip to the dog groomers!