Monday, July 11, 2011

Say What?

My 8-year-old-son, Dom, and I were watching television the other night and he turned to me, with a serious face, and wanted to know answers to some mind boggling questions that were burning in his young, yet innocent mind. This is how it went down:

Dom: "Mom, you wax eyebrows right?"
Me: "Yes. Why do you want to know that?"
Dom clasps his hands together: "Never mind."
Me: "No, really why do you want to know?"
Dom takes a deep breath and clears his throat: "Why do girls' eyebrows look like they're angry?"
Me: *Blinks and tries not to laugh* "What?"
Dom :"Really? Why do you purposely wax them to look like you're mad?"
Me: "We think it looks pretty. It's like putting a frame around our eyes. We're not mad. It's to make us look nice."
Dom: "Well you are doing it all wrong because the frame is like a warning sign telling people to leave you alone."
Me: *Speechless*

Heaven save me now. He's only eight years old. What's it going to be like when he's a teenager?


Ben Spendlove said...

Oh, that's funny. My 8yo girl once lectured me about the music I listen to. I figure they're just breaking us in so it's not such a shock when they become teens.

Vicki said...

I must say that I agree with him:) Probably cause I am too wussy to wax mine:}