Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Me and Parking Lots

Holy Smokes! What is up with me and parking lots lately? A while back our car was victim to a hit and run, this past weekend I was honked at by a very angry driver for crossing the "crosswalk" slowly because I had all four of my kids with me, and today I, my body, got backed into. Yup, BACKED INTO!

Actually it was my baby the van hit first. Thank goodness he was in the car seat carrier, or I would have really flipped.

We got out of our car and the kids were walking next to me. Just as we passed a van, the reverse lights kicked on and backed into me. Yeah, I swore. A LOT! (My seven-year-old told me I need to wash out my mouth and I can't kiss Riot the rest of the day.) Well, the car stopped and nothing was hurt, just scared us both.

I think for now on I'm sending my husband to do all the shopping.


Raree said...

Oh, my goodness - isn't it unbelievable how many people just pay NO attention when they're driving? And have no consideration for pedestrians? Sheesh. Glad that you didn't get hurt!

Vicki said...

ya steer clear of parking lots for a bit. thats scary

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