Saturday, August 25, 2012

Seth's New Bike

I just realized I never updated about the kids' lemonade stand. If you are a Facebook friend then you have read this but for those that aren't here you go! It was a successes. HUGE! They had people come from as far as Brigham City and numerous others from Cache Valley as well ad our own area here in Franklin County. Dom and Paisley were so grateful for the support and turn out, meeting well beyond their goal of $400.

The two worked very hard and sold over 1,600 cups of lemonade and dozens upon dozens of baked goods. All within 4 hours. That night we had Seth pick the bike he wanted. The only set back, the company only made the model he liked in blue. Though out this time the only request Seth asked for was the bike to be the color green.

Two very nice Facebook friends instantly offered they knew of two guys, Kevin and Derek Atkinson, that would paint the bike the perfect color for Seth. When we told Seth his bike was going to be green, he smiled and shouted,"Green!"
The bike came and was painted. When we picked up the painted parts, Seth couldn't stop smiling. He couldn't wait to get home and put the bike together.

Finally the time had come to ride. Seth smile was contagious to anyone who saw it. I'll admit, I cried seeing him so happy. Dom and Paisley jumped on their bikes and took off along side him. After they got back, they both told Jess and I that selling lemonade was the best thing ever and they would do it again just to see their brother that happy.

They finally get to ride all together again.


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