Wednesday, August 29, 2012


A few weeks back we took the kids to the zoo. They had a blast. It was so much fun seeing Riot's reaction to the animals. His favorite were the giraffes and tigers, of kitties as he called them. Seth freaked out when he saw the bears and the polar bear swimming around. Paisley fell in love the the seals and sea lions. Dom liked it all and said it was too much fun to pick one.

We goofed off at the drinking fountain and acted like it was eating us. Even Jess joined in on the laughs at how the kids were loving the carousel. I love these kinds of memories.

A bunch of monkeys watching a bunch of monkeys.

AHHHH! It's gunna eat us!

Dom showing Riot the elephants.


This was a lucky shot. The seal swam by just as the photo snapped.

The bears, the bears!

Riot kept calling, "Kitty kitty." Seth told him, "No, kitty." and showed him they grawl. Riot now rawrs at cats.

Seth and his wolf.

Not too happy to be in this photo.

Jess' attempt at a family photo. Close.

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Raree said...

Fun! What zoo was this? Was it in UT? Let me know on fb. Dietrich has been begging for a while to go to a zoo, but I've told him that the Boise zoo really isn't that great . . .