Friday, January 3, 2014

Seth's 2013 Best Memory

I asked Seth what was one of his favorite memory about last year. He looked up at me, eyes excited, and raised his finger, "Football!" He yelled.

Yes, that was a fun few months of football. Even though it was his younger brother, Dom, playing Seth enjoyed it just as much. He loved going to each practice and watching the boys run plays, drills, and hits! The head coach allowed Seth to participate by being a "helper," which mainly consisted of him being a manager, standing by the coaches at the sidelines, echoing the players the coaches yelled (good thing they watched their language), and high giving the boys when they came in for a huddle. Seth made sure he took a cooler of water to each game (with the help of his dad). 

On his birthday, the team presented him with a team logo football that they all signed. Seth still to this day sleeps with it. Then on the last game of the season, the head coach had a surprise for Seth. Coach arranged with the officials and opposing team to have Seth run in a goal during a dead all play. Oh, the tears! I bawled... Happy tears. The boys readied as if it were a regular play, snapped the ball to Seth and huddled around him (nobody was going to break that line to hurt their Seth) and ushered him across the goal line! The smile on Seth's face had never been bigger! The opposing team all highfived or patted Seth on the back while ours cheered along side of him. Best play of the season I say!

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