Monday, January 26, 2009

About My Book

I have had alot of people asking about this book I have written, on the blog and in person. Yes, amazingly I did write a story. I am in search of an agent to represent my book and myself. Having an agent will allow me to get my book into a better publishing company, that in turn, will get the book into larger stores (Barns and Nobles, Boarders, and chains as Wal-Mart). I started writing the story the last weekend of September 2008, and finished it the week before Christmas 2008. I had a few friends read it and help revise and edit it since. I just mailed out the first set of query letters yesterday. Now I have to play the waiting game, the shortest wait could be 4 weeks to hear back from anyone, and that most likely could be a rejection letter. I only say a rejection letter because 90% of the time your book isn't picked up for at least 4 to 6 months after sending out query letters to a long list of agents. In the beginning I started to write this story only for myself. I was told by a therapist I needed to get an outlet to where I could let my mind let go of some of the stress I can build up from caring for 2 children that have major disabilities. So I was listening to a song while I was mowing the lawn and the entire story line filled and finished inside my head. Later that night after I put the kids to bed at 9pm. I sat down at my computer and started to type. The thing that made me stop was my husbands alarm sounding off at 4am! I had typed around 80 pages that first night and created a world I could go to, where I was in complete control of everything. The characters developed into real people and had their own personalities making it very easy to write the conversations. I know that sound very crazy and insane, but you never will understand until you write something. I love my characters as much as family now, so I wanted to let others meet them too. That is why I decided to publish the book. It's a young adult (for ages 15-30ish) mystery. There is alot of suspense and second guessing while you read it, almost becoming a thriller. Wish me luck at agent hunting, and here is a brief description of the 488 page novel I wrote in a little more than 3 months.

As tragic events have forced 17 year old Rachel Bronson to relocate from her hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada to a small unassuming town in Idaho to live with her father. Unaware of the deadly sequence of events that are unfolding around her, Rachel tries to make the best of her new life in Preston and finds first love in the process. As she tries to understand frightening visions of the ghost of girls that have fallen victim to a serial killer, Rachel finds herself in the killers grasp, and having to make a choice that will affect the rest of her life. Copyright Laci Smith 2009


Ravid said...

Oooh - creepy. Good luck! I'm hooked already so I hope you get published so I can read the whole thing. ;-)

Kate said...

Awsome Query! I LOVE it! Please keep me posted on how things go! I wish you the best of luck. That book deserves to get out there and get read! I know first hand! :)

Rusty and Jen said...

SO COOL!!! I can't wait to find out who the serial killer is. I can think of a few crazies in P-town to base this off of. GOOD LUCK!