Thursday, January 15, 2009


Jess and I got to go see Royal Bliss last night, a great show might I add! We had so much fun! The band asked us to join them after the show to hang out, but we drove my sister and a few more people and the wanted to get home so we had to say not this time. Even though the after show party wasn't happening for us, they did stay and talk to us for a bit, we got our shirts signed once again, and chatted for a while, of coarse we got pictures, are you kidding! Some of you might know, I have written a book, and it was highly inspired by Royal Bliss. One of their songs was a big influence, I let them know back in November and they have been keeping track of me. The song is called Devils & Angels, that started the whole project. The book is in process of being published and I am still in shock I even wrote the 5oo page monster. The band all want copies, I told them the plot and a lot about it. One of my dear friends Ellen, has helped me out with the editing part so much, she has been a very big support. Well I just love Royal Bliss so you all should check them out, they are really a neat group of guys, and their music is even better! THANK YOU ROYAL BLISS for everything!

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Kate said...

-K- You little fart! Why are you always getting to do all this fun awsome stuff?! I'm glad that you got to go and see them I know how much you love them. And you said your books in the process of getting published does that mean the editing is done and stuff. That's so awsome! Keep me posted!